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Women@Technik: Exceptional development opportunities

In our series, we present individual stories about female employees at Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH. We start with Sabrina Ciszewski, DevOps Engineer, whose development was supported by her managers and who has, time and again, been able to prove her capabilities and, as a result, been able to continuously further develop.

Portrait Sabrina Ciszewski

Understanding other points of view, identifying the cause of the problem and then developing a common solution is important to her. © Deutsche Telekom

Sabrina, what excites you about your job at Telekom Technik?

Sabrina: The wide variety of possible topics! I can do everything here: From “working in front of a computer all day” to “cable pulling.” The range of activities and the development opportunities are simply immense. I think that’s great! In general, I really value that there is so much freedom within Deutsche Telekom.

How did you end up in Technik? 

Sabrina: I have been interested in technology since my childhood: When other kids were dreaming about becoming police officers, it was always my dream to sit in front of a computer all day. And I have achieved this at Technik . This might not sound like much of a career goal to other people, but it is for me. I started as an apprentice IT technician for system integration. After my apprenticeship, I joined Technik . 

Stick to your opinion and stand firm even in the face of opposition. But be open to compelling arguments.😉Sabrina Ciszewski

How did you end up in your current job?

Sabrina: I didn’t have a stringent life plan. I have always taken life as it comes, but have taken things in hand when I wanted to get ahead. I got my current job because my expertise as a DevOps Engineer is in demand in many areas. So the job kind of found me. When it comes to careers, people tend to think about management positions – but I see things differently: For me a career as an expert is exactly the right career.

A woman stands in a computer room with a laptop in her arms

With the question “How can it work from your point of view?” Sabrina was able to achieve a lot. © Deutsche Telekom

What are your personal career tips?

Sabrina: My biggest career tip: Be happy in whatever you are doing. This includes:

  • Open communication – don’t hide any issues. Sooner or later they will have to be addressed.
  • There is no such thing as a stupid question. Just ask. Everyone has had to learn something at one time or another.
  • Try to understand different viewpoints before you reject them.
  • Find a physical balance with regard to work stress – a healthy body promotes a healthy mind!

Sabrina Ciszewski’s story is one of many that show that women working in the field of technology are more than just a minority. Do you want to start your career with us? Click here for jobs at Technik. We look forward to meeting you. And you can look forward to the next story about Women@Technik. Stay tuned!😊