Axel Menneking


5G and gaming, eSports, music or AR: Startup program turns ideas into reality

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Augmented reality (AR), gaming, eSports or music. What impact will the super-fast 5G networks with their short reaction time have on these areas? What ideas are startups working on?  What new applications can we expect?


What new applications can we expect? Hubraum and Telekom have looked for startups with new ideas.
More than 700 wanted to be part. Seven made it into the program.

In order to find answers to these questions, we at hubraum - Telekom's tech incubator – together with Telekom Deutschland have set out to find start-ups in the consumer entertainment sector. 

To this end, we have launched a new program for start-ups together with Quake Capital

 With great response. More than 700 teams from Europe, Australia and the USA wanted to be part of it. 
Guided city tours via AR, video dance challenges, virtual karaoke or, or, or. We were spoilt for choice. Luckily we were not alone, but had the support of the Mediengruppe RTL Germany and our partner MobiledgeX in selecting the best ideas and teams.

A total of seven teams made it into the program. We and the partners of the program will continue to work with them virtually in the coming months. This gives the start-ups the chance to turn their ideas into prototypes. And of course - as soon as Corona allows - they will be able to test and develop them further on site on Telekom's 5G infrastructure here in the Cologne-Bonn area. 

These are the teams

I'm very excited about the developments and what the teams will present to us in a few months at our demo day. 

Axel Menneking

Axel Menneking

Head of hubraum, the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom



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