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5G in industrial campus networks

5G is the foundation for campus networks and the automated production processes of Industry 4.0.

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Reporter Kamila Benschop during a live 5G broadcast to MagentaTV from the public viewing area in Cologne.


Razor-sharp: Live images with 5G from Deutsche Telekom at European Championship 2024

10 hours

5Gmmwaves für Industriekunden


From the lab to the factories: Deutsche Telekom offers 5G mmWave for industrial customers in Germany

1 week

Deutsche Telekom has installed the 5G campus network on the RTL studios site in Cologne-Deutz.


Telekom's private 5G campus network for RTL Deutschland

3 weeks

Localization with omlox and 5G


Telekom and TRUMPF enter into a sales partnership...

3 weeks

Telekom gets UEFA EURO 2024™ soccer stadiums in top technical shape


Telekom gets UEFA EURO 2024™ soccer stadiums in...

4 weeks