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Deutsche Telekom AG

Telekom uses these 5G frequencies in Germany

In 2019, Telekom bought its 5G frequencies at auction for EUR 2.17 billion. Barely more than one and a half years later, 64 million people in Germany can surf with 5G. Read now which 5G frequencies Telekom is using.

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5G in industrial campus networks

5G is the foundation for campus networks and the automated production processes of Industry 4.0.

LTE or 5G? Both!

How does Dynamic Spectrum Sharing work?

The 5G network in Germany is growing. Deutsche Telekom already supplies more than 40 million people with the latest mobile communications standard. A new key technology makes this possible.


Network Slicing and 5G

We'll be looking at what Network Slicing means for our everyday lives in today's Netzgeschichten.

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Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.

5G lettering in front of street scene.


Information for media on the new communication standard 5G.

How 5G changes our lives and work.

5G Infographic

Infographics for your media publications.

News from 5G

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Business Resilience for companies with 5G campus networks.


Crisis-proof with 5G campus network

2 days

BMW iX steht vor Telekom-Gebäude in München. Umgeben von Icons, die die Funktionen des Fahrzeugs repräsentieren.


BMW Group and Telekom launch in-car 5G and Personal eSIM networking options

3 weeks

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Telekom is right on schedule with 5G and fiber roll-out / Reconstruction in flooded areas makes progress

4 weeks

Logos von 5G und Siemens-Centre


Telekom supplies Werner-von-Siemens Centre with 5G

4 weeks

Telekom and Messe München intensify partnership for IAA MOBILITY 2021


Telekom and Messe München implement high-speed...

7 weeks

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