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All thanks to 5G: City tours with AR, video dance challenges, virtual karaoke, and much more

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The seven start-ups in our program started work in July and have just presented the results. 
We’re so pleased we managed to develop some fantastic 5G applications together with the start-ups and our program partners RTL media group and FC Cologne soccer club. We came up with various impressive applications that users can now try out.

Picture of the Berlin Wall with extra superimposed virtual content.

Picture of the Berlin Wall with extra superimposed virtual content.

tagSpace is cooperating with ntv. They’re testing how to integrate conventional news content or dedicated specials–say on the Berlin Wall–into an AR app. 

LeoAR lets virtual dinosaurs run through Berlin if that's what you want to do. The app lets you place 3-D objects in the real world, making that world more exciting and more colorful. The app uses Super RTL and benefits from the start-up program. The broadcaster and FC Cologne soccer club are testing how to incorporate figures into the start-up’s AR apps. 

Marble AR lets you place text, videos, or photos at specific locations using a kind of virtual marble. Other users can access this personalized information. The marbles can also be displayed on a map. Apart from reminding you of a special moment, they also include useful information, e.g. on buildings or public transport timetables.
If you’re lucky enough to live in Berlin, then why not come and join us at Magenta Moon (October 17 to November 1) and try out Marble for yourself. The Magenta Moon workshops will help showcase the many different ways you can use the start-up’s applications.

The other start-ups have great ideas too. Here’s what you need to know

  • Dance Fight lets you show your dance skills live and challenge someone to a dance-off. People around the globe follow these dance battles and can vote for their personal favorite. Dance Fight is available from the Apple and Google app stores in the United States. 360 Stories upgrades city tours with AR content. Museums, parks, activity providers, and the like can present themselves in 360° videos, so tourists can get a better idea of whether they’d like to visit a place or book an activity. 360 Stories comes bundled in Germany with the Get your Guide app for Berlin and Munich (Android). 
  • Open Sesame lets you run virtual karaoke competitions.  
  • And Proxy 42 offers multiplayer mobile AR gaming similar to laser tag and Pokémon.

Immersive applications need a powerful network with high bandwidth and low latency. More than half of Germany’s population has access to Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network. 

hubraum, Deutsche Telekom's tech incubator, initiated this start-up program last year together with Telekom Deutschland and Quake Capital The response was fantastic. Over 700 teams from Europe, Australia, and the United States wanted to  #takepart. 

We will discuss future collaboration options with the program participants. Our mentors will continue to promote networking between the start-ups and Deutsche Telekom after the Demo Day. 

I’m confident that we’ll soon have lots more to report … So stay tuned!


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Axel Menneking

Axel Menneking

Head of hubraum, the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom


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