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Getting to know Digital X-factors

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29th October 2019 marks an important date for pioneers, trendsetters and decision-makers as Digital X 2019 takes place in Cologne. After a successful launch last year, we are now taking Digital X to a new level.


The two-day event will bring together 160 top-class National and International speakers to present different facets of digital transformation with inspiring speeches, controversial talks and visionary panel discussions. For this very purpose, we asked participants about their Digital X determination: What does their “Digital X” stand for? What field are they working in? How do they rate the impact of digitization in various fields and what are their expectations how it changes our life in several fields?

Today, Sophia Tran, Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Hub in Bonn, shares her thoughts: “For me digitization means that I can communicate with people all around the world anytime, share information, data and keep in touch”. Being a futurist, Sophia Tran thinks “We should use smartphones and laptops for a much longer lifecycle and focus recycling and upcycling.”.

What are your recommendations for a sustainable digital lifestyle? Have you heard about planned obsolescence? A term that first occurred in the 1920s with the invention of the light bulb. Due to a certain construction, the lifetime is limited to a certain period of burning hours. This way, companies make more money since consumers need to replace light bulbs once they are broken. Still a controversial discussion around our today’s multi- and sensitive technique we use every day.

Let us know your thoughts and discuss in the comments.

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