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Green light for safe distancing in stores and public facilities

Whether at the doctor's office, in a restaurant, museum, bank, or supermarket: this simple affordable solution lets all kinds of businesses comply quickly with the rules on distancing, hygiene, and masks following lockdown.

The People counter helps customers to follow applicable rules.

The People counter helps customers to follow applicable rules.

Even if the stores and public facilities hopefully reopening soon, the rules on distancing, hygiene, and masks are set to stay for some time yet. So, public facilities and stores now need to embrace everyday practical solutions such as an access control lighting system, the People Counter. These solutions help customers follow applicable rules and provide them with reassurance. But they provide other benefits as well. 

Banks, healthcare sector, and retailers successfully using the technology

Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, facilities from various sectors have shown that digitalization is a compelling option which can be implemented simply and quickly with a people-counting traffic light system.

For patients, visitors, and employees to be optimally protected when eating out, they must "comply with coronavirus restrictions." Regardless of whether it's the cafeteria in a health clinic or Deutsche Telekom's staff restaurant in Bonn, the number of people eating must be low enough to easily maintain a safe distance. The IoT People Counter in the entrance area uses infrared sensors to track how many people come in and go out. The traffic light turns red when the maximum number is reached. People outside might have to wait, but those inside can enjoy their meal with safe distancing. This simple, quick-to-install solution is equally suited for cafés, restaurants, or gyms. 

Instead of expensive security personnel, some supermarkets are now beginning to use the People Counter to control customer numbers accurately. Banks currently testing the access control lighting system are also impressed with its potential. Maintaining hygiene concepts used to be time-consuming, personnel-intensive, and costly. Customer numbers couldn't be verified digitally. There was a lack of transparency on how many customers there were at any given moment. The People Counter puts an end to all that.

Affordable standard solution with potential

Even though the People Counter is a standard solution, it can be tailored to the specific conditions in a store or public facility. It can monitor one or more entrances and exits, making it a compelling option for all sectors with walk-in customers. The IoT (Internet of Things) solution consists of two pillars located on the right and left next to the door. Every time a customer enters or leaves the store, sensors reliably detect this traffic. A light barrier connects the two pillars, which are simply plugged into a standard power socket. Where customers ignore the traffic lights, an acoustic warning sounds in the store and an alarm is forwarded centrally to the Deutsche Telekom IoT platform Cloud of Things using the built-in mobile connection, which then alerts a member of staff. The system records visitor numbers accurately and verifiably via the Cloud of Things and documents these numbers digitally. Apart from reliable access control management, the solution can also record and analyze other useful visitor flow data. 

Further information on the People Counter is available fromSpecial Smart Retail
People counter: Green Light for Safe Distancing

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