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Our gait gives us away

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Everyone knows these moments: You hear footsteps and know exactly who's about to turn the corner. You see someone walking in the distance. The face of the person is not recognizable, yet it looks familiar. Is that magic? Or the seventh sense? Neither. Our gait gives us away.

Open sesame: Our smartphone as a door opener.

Open sesame: Our smartphone as a door opener.

Every person is unique in his or her running style. I take short, firm steps. My colleague takes long, springy steps into the office. My girlfriend is typing, her daughter is running light-footed and swinging her arms. "Why not make use of this uniqueness", neXenio GmbH said to itself. The Berlin IT start-up develops solutions for the workplace of the future.

Invisible key

NeXenio combined the unique human gait with motion sensors in the smartphone. This resulted in a unique pattern like a fingerprint. This pattern can be used to enter the office or company premises. Or to check in at the airport. With this invisible key, tiresome, time-consuming access authentication by chip card, key or paper is no longer necessary. For this innovative solution, the company received the Digital Champions Award in the category "Digital Processes and Organization" at Digital X East 2019. The award is presented jointly by WirtschaftsWoche and Telekom (further information in German only).

Open sesame!

Our favourite accessory is the Smartphone and that is what the solution from neXenio is based on. Because we have it with us day and night and authenticate ourselves several times a day. In addition, we use a special encryption technique to identify persons unambiguously. Important: The sensor data remains on the device. Both together create a code, a digital "open sesame" for the access system. This ensures that the owner of the smartphone is identical with the person carrying it. The doors open as if by magic.

I like this digital solution because it connects people and data. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to take a walk through the city and let myself be inspired by the different walking styles of the people.

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