Until 2024 Martina was spokesperson and Telekom Blogger.

Articles by Martina Hammer

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Deutsche Telekom, Bosch and Fetch.ai cooperates on AI.


Focus on AI

Deutsche Telekom, Bosch and the Fetch.ai Foundation cooperate to advance AI, Web3 and blockchain.

Dirk Röder.


How does the blockchain of the future look like?

Dirk Röder explains Deutsche Telekom MMS’s strategy for secure blockchains, and how his blockchain of the future looks like.

Deutsche Telekom MMS becomes a validator in Aleph Zero's blockchain network, and provides its infrastructure.


Deutsche Telekom to validate the privacy-enhanced Aleph Zero blockchain

Deutsche Telekom MMS contributes to the security and decentralization of Aleph Zero. The two are working together on the secure Internet of Values.

Deutsche Telekom MMS verifies transactions, creates blocks and protects the MultiversX network from attacks.


Deutsche Telekom and MultiversX create digital Web3 experiences

Deutsche Telekom joins the MultiversX network.Together, the two companies enable fast, secure and cost-effective Web3 applications.



Deutsche Telekom organizes blockchain data with The Graph  

Deutsche Telekom provides secure nodes for The Graph and ensures fast querying of blockchain data in the "Google for Web3".