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Deutsche Telekom and MultiversX create digital Web3 experiences

  • Deutsche Telekom and MultiversX improve Web3 adoption. 
  • Deutsche Telekom MMS provides secure blockchain infrastructure.
  • MultiversX is developing advanced sharded-blockchain architecture.
Deutsche Telekom MMS verifies transactions, creates blocks and protects the MultiversX network from attacks.

Together with MultiversX, Deutsche Telekom MMS enables fast, secure and cost-effective applications on the Web3. © Telekom MMS/Montage: Lena Krause

Deutsche Telekom MMS joins the MultiversX Network as a validator, and verifies transactions, creates blocks and protects the network from attacks. Thus, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary enables fast, secure and cost-effective Web3 applications. 

MultiversX has created a highly scalable, efficient and secure blockchain architecture capable of supporting high demand enterprise, DeFi, Web3 and Metaverse applications. With nearly 350 million transactions and over two million accounts, the company is driving the use of the Metaverse. MultiversX offers several products for digital experiences: Among them, the high-performing xPortal App, which allows companies to develop and integrate digital financial solutions and send and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs. AI avatars and a chat feature help to better interact and communicate with customers and clients. "Adaptive State Sharding" technology divides the blockchain into segments, also called "shards." Shards hold only parts of data, which enables linear scalability. It has the capacity to process more transactions, the workload is better distributed, and the network is not overloaded.

As a validator, Deutsche Telekom MMS plays an important role. The company ensures that the blockchain network remains secure and trustworthy. The basis for this is Deutsche Telekom's own multi-cloud strategy, high-performance infrastructure, 24/7 maintenance by experts and a wealth of experience in managed networks.

"The Metaverse needs secure infrastructures because digital experiences and the gaming world for the masses require stable networks. I am happy to take the next step in Web3 together with MultiversX and to shape this new era," says Dirk Röder, responsible for the Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions Team at Deutsche Telekom MMS.

"A strong sign of blockchain's progress is when industry veterans pay attention to and actively participate in it. Today, we are further pushing Web3's potential by creating new pathways and exploring new experiences with Deutsche Telekom MMS," said Beniamin Mincu, MultiversX CEO.

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About MultiversX: A highly scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain network created to enable radically new applications, for users, businesses, society, and the new metaverse frontier.



Martina Hammer


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