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Deutsche Telekom provides secure infrastructure for blockchain network Q

  • T-Systems MMS helps shape governance in the Q network.
  • Deutsche Telekom subsidiary acquires Q tokens.
  • Secure transactions on Q Blockchain with Open Telekom Cloud.
Deutsche Telekom subsidiary acquires Q tokens.

T-Systems MMS acquires Q tokens and provides validation nodes for the Q blockchain. © Deutsche Telekom

T-Systems MMS will provide validation nodes for Q's blockchain network. In this way, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary enables secure transactions. T-Systems MMS also acquires Q tokens and receives voting rights within the network governance. With its several years of experience in the blockchain area, T-Systems MMS is one of the few root node operators to support the network: it actively participates in the Q blockchain and helps shape its direction. Q is a novel blockchain with a focus on transparent and enforceable governance. As an open source project, Q enables participants to build decentralized financial applications (DeFi) on the crypto ecosystem, for example.

Root nodes guard the integrity of Q

The Q-Blockchain network combines the advantages of a public and decentralized network with the transparency of the "Q-Constitution". The Q-Constitution is a trustworthy, reliable set of rules for all participants and the basis for cooperation in the network. The root node operators, such as T-Systems MMS, ensure compliance with the framework. This protects the rights of the participants in the network.

"Companies are slow to adopt to blockchain-based solutions for business-critical applications. Governance and the long-term security of corresponding solutions play a major role in their decisions. That is why we support Q in providing more security with reliable framework conditions and help to further develop the network in a future-proof manner. In this way, we are contributing to the further growth of the blockchain ecosystem," says Oliver Nyderle, responsible for the Blockchain Solutions Center at T-Systems MMS.

T-Systems MMS joins the blockchain ecosystem of Q

The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary uses the Open Telekom Cloud for the provision and secure operation of the infrastructure. It meets the strict requirements for security and compliance in the European legal framework. The Open Telekom Cloud supports the independence, decentralization, and resilience of the blockchain network Q.

“We are proud that T-Systems MMS will be supporting the Q network by operating both a validator node and a root node. With their telecoms background, T-Systems MMS has a highly professional approach to operating decentralized infrastructure. They have already been an active participant on Q’s testnet, and we were impressed by their technical capabilities and their depth of knowledge of decentralized governance. We are very much looking forward to their contribution to the Q ecosystem”, says Nicolas Biagosch, Board of Directors of Q Development AG. 

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