Martina Weidmann

Martina Weidmann

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Martina works in Corporate Communications, where she is the lead writer on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the industrial Internet of Things (Industry 4.0).

Articles by Martina Weidmann

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Freight wagons at a glance throughout Europe


Where is it, then?

Freight wagons at a glance throughout Europe: With the IoT solution from the Netherlands, the railways always know where which wagon is currently located and how the valuable freight is doing.

Petko cross-links its compressed air systems over the Telekom’s cloud of things.


Compressed air system to the Internet of Things: Please repairen

Petko GmbH uses Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud of Things to monitor its compressed air systems in the IoT. This, in turn, increases the availability of the compressors and compressed air preparation.

Telekom IoT Service


Internet of Things at the push of a button

Deutsche Telekom is showcasing its IoT Service Button at Hannover Messe 2018 – a smart retrofit solution for logistics, manufacturing facilities, workshops, construction sites, and hospitals using the Internet of Things.