Martina Hammer

Martina Hammer

Corporate Blogger

Martina works in Corporate Communications, where she is the lead writer on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the industrial Internet of Things (Industry 4.0).

Articles by Martina Hammer

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Deutsche Telekom and Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology simply explained

Learn more about blockchain technology and how the Open Telekom Cloud makes the technology secure and sustainable.

Heavent Award for Digital X.


Digital X wins Heavent Award 2022 for best Event

Digital X dived into the heart of Cologne’s life and received the international Heavent Award 2022 for it.

Telekom Innovation Pool invests in Kinexon.


Deutsche Telekom invests in Kinexon

Telekom Innovation Pool invests in Kinexon to jointly offer real-time, location-based automation solutions to industry customers.

Deutsche Telekom study: SMEs drive their digitalization further forward.


Deutsche Telekom study “Digitization Index for Businesses 2021/2022”

German Companies focus on Security, Sustainability and New Work

Deutsche Telekom gives tips on how to save energy


Reducing energy consumption with digitization

The attack by Russian forces on Ukraine is having a massive impact on the economy and society: Deutsche Telekom has three tips for companies, consumers and cities on how to reduce their energy consumption.