Elisabeth Giesemann


Smart City and Blockchain: T-Labs at Berlin Science Week

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The digital transformation of our cities, the benefits of blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence - these future technologies and their implications for our society at the Science Week, where T-Labs present presented the Smart City Lab and hosted the Blockslam. 


T-Labs was part of Berlin Science Week and presented the Smart City Lab and the Blockslam.

The Berlin Science Week is an international festival where researchers and representatives of science and society come together at more than 60 events. The focus of the event lies on interdisciplinary exchange. Research institutions, universities and NGOs open their doors and present a spectrum of scientific topics. Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin, opened the second Science Week in the premises of the T-Labs and pointed out the important role of science in our society. "We must make it clear how important science and research are for good development in our country".

The mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, emphasized the importance of the sciences for the city of Berlin.

The mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, emphasized the importance of the sciences for the city of Berlin. (Photocredits Falling Walls Foundation)

Riccardo Pascotto, Head of Infrastructure and University Cooperation at T-Labs, explained why the event is a great opportunity to exchange ideas with the Berlin and international science scene: "T-Labs has been in Berlin since 2004. For us, this means above all being visible and networking. We want to collaborate with the best scientists. At events such as Science Week, Startupnight and the Long Night of the Sciences, we can give Berlin something back."

The Smart City Lab above the roofs of the city

Today more than ever, cities need an answer to new mobility requirements, demographic change and changes in the climate. At the Science Week, T-Labs presented their version of the city of the future. The Smart City Lab enables cooperation with internal and external partners from cities, industry and the Technical University of Berlin. The prototypes combine different innovations to create an intelligent, sustainable "ecosystem" of the future. Based on the "Urban Cockpit" it was demonstrated how street lighting can be controlled. The air quality of the city, noise pollution and water consumption can also be measured here. 

To Joachim Schonowski, head of Smart City Labs at T-Labs, the sustainability approach is particularly important. Under the slogan "Avoid, Reduce, Reuse" he wants to encourage a rethink in city planning. "We need to differentiate between digitization as technical change and digitalization as describing social change. I see the latter as both an opportunity and a responsibility become more sustainable." 

A more holistic way of thinking about cities can thus lead to the Smart City counteracting climate change and meeting mobility requirements.

Joachim Schonowski

Joachim Schonowski presented the Urban Cockpit. Sustainability is central for his vision of the Smart City.

Blockslam – Make the Blockchain community great (Again) 

The promotion of the scientific community was also the focus of the first international blockslam: "With our partnership with the TU, we see ourselves exactly in the middle between science and telco-providers. At the same time, of course, we are proud that we have been able to advance the topic of blockchain so strongly in a telecommunications company". Explains John Calian, Head of T-Labs. 

The stage in Berlin's hub:raum was deliberately dedicated to the Blockchain Community. Like in a "Science Slam", nine "Slammers" presented their ideas in short presentations. Alexandra Mikityuk, the moderator of the evening emphasized that short lectures had to be entertaining so that they would reach hearts and minds of the audience. 

The topics ranged from technical, philosophical and above all funny presentations observations of blockchain. Some of the participants presented their own startups and blockchain ideas. In addition, it was presented how organizations work more decentralized, or whether Blockchain strengthens confidence into society. 

The winners of the Blockslam presented the idea of a “Tweetchain“ for the US President.

The winners of the Blockslam presented the idea of a “Tweetchain“ for the US President.

Finally, the fact that Blockchain is a hype topic was addressed during the course of the evening. And so, the satirical lecture "Make Blockchain great again" about a Twitter account based on Blockchain for the US president became winner of the competition. 

At the Blockslam, members of the Blockchain community presented their ideas.

At the Blockslam, members of the Blockchain community presented their ideas. 

For T-Labs, the entertaining Blockslam was a complete success and further events are planned. On 13.11.2018 the T-Labs will be guests at the Innovation Day in Bonn. Also, on T-Labs Day on 27.11.2018 the focus topics Blockchain, Intelligence and Experience will be presented at the Bonn headquarters.