Stephanie Tönjes


The 2nd Telekom InstaWalk takes the community behind the scenes of the Berlin TV tower

When childhood dreams come true: On September 6th, 2017 we opened Telekom doors for the second time, which are normally locked for visitors. With our Berlin InstaWalk, we again provided exclusive insights behind the scenes of the world of Telekom.

With its height of 368 meters, the Berlin skyline is one of the ten most popular attractions in Germany: The Berlin TV tower! It is a landmark and popular photo-magnet at the same time. On Instagram you can find posts about the TV tower by using the hashtag #thattoweragain.

In Telekom language, we call this Berlin landmark "Fernmeldeturm 32". Besides the stunning view from inside the sphere with its famous revolving restaurant, the Berlin television tower is also the transmitter for several radio and television stations.

While tourists are only given access to the tower sphere, with eleven instagramers we went up one floor higher - and thus fulfilled even childhood dreams. Together, we gazed over the skyline of Berlin, looked down at the striking tower ball and casted a glance into the tower itself.

With a view inside the tower, the personnel lift brought us up. We then climbed the last few meters by the staircases. We passed a pendulum, indicating the movement of the tower. One or the other participant felt a bit uneasy about this movement. Arrived at a height of 246 meters, we went through a heavy iron door and entered the platform, which is normally reserved exclusively for technicians and tower personnel. There was a quite stiff breeze. But the instagramers did not hesitate a minute and grabbed their cameras immediately! While ones photographed with their professional reflex cameras, the others shot with their smartphones. Many of them posted InstaStories and shared the exclusive insights with their communities immediately.

An absolute highlight for the Berlin instagramers, who couldn´t get enough of the overview of their hometown: "A unique opportunity, which is offered here, because as a common visitor you just can stand inside of the sphere and look down at the city through glass windows. And you just do not get such great photos." said Johannes Kasch (@kaschinski_)

But we did not only walk up to the television tower, but also inside of it. At about 17 meters we were inside the tower. Another place that visitors usually do not get to see. In the middle of a room with dimmed light, there was the elevator shaft. We gazed at a little spectacle of light, while the elevators for visitors and staff were moving up and down. "I am so excited and grateful for the invitation to the Telekom InstaWalk. You normally will not get those insights. I do not know what to say", Meike Koehler sighed (@meike_aus_berlin) completely impressed.

To show Deutsche Telekom in a different light – this is what we want to achieve with our Telekom InstaWalks! With exclusive insights into our company, we would like to thank our community for their support and the numerous likes on our Instagram account. And if we can generate such an enthusiasm for our company, it encourages us to continue walking this path.

"There are moments that you will not forget all your life. I thank @deutschetelekom for one of those moments. A look over my city and discover details that you only see from there, you will only experience once in your life!", Marcello Zerletti (@ihavethisthingwithberlin & @Zerletti) summed up the visit to the Berlin TV tower.

But what are InstaWalks by definition? Quite simple, you could translate it with "photo walk" for instagramers. InstaWalk is a portmanteau and is composed of Instagram and Walk. The illustration of this walk is done by using the Social Network Instagram and a previously defined hashtag. In our case, it is #telekomdoors.

The focus of InstaWalks is on discovering places together and the photographing of those. The exciting thing about this format is that you can see in a very nice way how differently the same place is perceived. The selection of the motifs, the personal angle of view and the photo composition vary in part among the participants. A second (not to be underestimated) aspect is to give a particular place visibility in the social web. Therefore, InstaWalks often take place in special locations that are not accessible to everybody.

We will also open some doors again to exclusive locations of the Deutsche Telekom, which are normally closed. Further Telekom InstaWalks are already planned, so stay curious. On our Instagram account and as well on you will soon read more about that!