Philipp Schindera


Tone from the top – but a bit different

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A Christmas message from the top management, sounds not like a very entertaining thing. But it can be done differently. Our approach on how to get more attention for our yearend videos and letters.

Annual reviews are a thankless job. Whoever works in the communication department of a company knows this – right in time at the end of the year there are more and more inquiries: "Can you write a thank-you e-mail...?". Christmas videos are no different, only more work to do. The result was always the same for a long time, a text that nobody reads or a video that nobody watches. That's why we tried to approach the topic a little differently last year. Instead of a boring video á la New Year's speech, the whole thing was a bit more entertaining.

Telekom Year 2018 in Review - Thank you and Happy Holidays

That was well appreciated and encouraged us to go one step further and choose the combination "entertaining" and "boss" this year. The response from the staff was so positive that we decided to release the film. Such a film stands and falls with a good script, but of course it also depends on a good leading actor. 😉 And the fact that our main competitor then starts with a video on the same topic makes it even more fun.

Meanwhile, we are thinking about how we will implement the topic next year. We already have an idea and it's so extraordinary that nobody else should think of it!