Mariella Gradler

Mariella Gradler

Dual student

Mariella Gradler, 21, started working for Deutsche Telekom at the beginning of October as a dual student. She is currently doing her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at the Provadis School of Management and Technology. She will be working in the HR department of Deutsche Telekom, so over the next three years she will give an insight into and report on her everyday life as a dual student.

Articles by Mariella Gradler

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My first view when I walk into our open-plan office in the morning.


Future Work: Working together in an open-plan office

In this blog I explain why Telekom is focusing on open-plan offices in its Future Work concept, and what it feels like to work in one.



Dual studies with eLearning? How it works.

Working in Bonn and studying in Frankfurt? Thanks to eLearning, a good work/life balance is achievable even when on a dual-study course.



What are you doing at Telekom?

Since the beginning of October I have been a dual student and change regularly between practical and university phase. Today I give you an insight into my daily tasks in the company.



How to hone your assignment-writing skills

Each term, the dual students on cooperative degree programs are required to write an assignment focusing on a different specialist field. How do I tackle these assignments? Let me tell you.