Noelle Krein, 20, started at the beginning of October as a dual Student at Deutsche Telekom. She is currently studying Business Administrations at the Provadis School of Management and Technology and she is supporting the HR-Marketing and Recruiting Team. In the following tree years she will report her daily life as a student by sharing her experiences at Deutsche Telekom.

Articles by Noelle Krein

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Health at Deutsche Telekom – medical checks

It’s important to take care of your own health at work and in your everyday life. That’s why Telekom provides its employees with support for their health, e.g., through medical checks.



New: Cooperative study program in Civil Engineering at Deutsche Telekom – apply now.

Deutsche Telekom launches its first cooperative study program in Civil Engineering. Interested in applying? Read on to find out more.

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Work-life balance on a cooperative study program?

Want to study for a cooperative degree, but scared that the twin pressures of studying and working will ruin your social life? I’ll show you how I combine them.

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Exam fears and mind blanks? Not anymore!

Exam season is just around the corner — are you nervous and feeling worried? Here are some tips and tricks to help prevent your next mind blank and get you through your exams successfully.