Johanna Emmert has been a dual student at Deutsche Telekom since October this year. She is supporting The HR Marketing at the location Leinfelden-Echterdingen She is studying Business Administration at the Provadis School of International Management and Technology. On our career website, she will share her own experiences of studying and working life at Deutsche Telekom AG.

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reif online magazine, each showing different facets. There are excerpts from stories, arti-cles, and the overview page


Our youth magazine – reif – not just for school students

In today's blog post, I'll explain how Deutsche Telekom produces a youth magazine that prepares school students for the start of their professional careers.

 3 people with a wheelbarrow on the way to gardening


"Save the bees" – We're making a flower meadow

Trainees and cooperative students are participating in Germany's "Save the bees" referendum and taking responsibility for our environment.

On the picture a woman makes a Selfie.


Social Media – #TakePart live on site

And even go backstage – I report on my experiences and impressions from our career events as a social media reporter.