Nadja Kirchhof

Corporate Blogger

While majoring in geography, Nadja dipped her toe in media work – and has immersed it there ever since. Following an internship at an international PR network, she turned her attention to brand PR. She then ventured into science marketing. Since 2013, she has been involved in corporate communications that focus on developments involving the Internet of Things, the cloud and sponsoring.

Articles by Nadja Kirchhof

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Happy sustainable city life

The trend is unbroken: people are drawn to the cities. More than half of the world's population of around 7.7 billion people now live in cities. Digital solutions support sustainable coexistence in a Smart City in a variety of ways.

Telekom returns to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.


The Next Level of Integration for Smart Cities

Telekom returns to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, with a focus on sustainability, security and digital services for citizens.

Soon past: smart garbage containers report when they need to be emptied.


Smarten up your Waste Management

We are producing more waste than ever before. Thankfully, many municipalities in Europe are already working on sustainable waste planning and management programs.



Düsseldorf Airport: Ready for takeoff with smart sensor technology

The airport has teamed with Deutsche Telekom and its partner BS2 Sicherheitssysteme to develop a digital monitoring solution for bridges, tunnels, buildings, and other infrastructure objects made of concrete.

Complete Successful NB-IoT Roaming Trial in Europe.


Completion of first European NB-IoT-Roaming-Trial

Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone Group Complete Successful NB-IoT Roaming Trial in Europe.