„Most transformations fail due to the lack of people management. As In-house Consultancy of Deutsche Telekom AG, we form a team together with our business partners and have the chance to take a holistic view on future-orientated topics. "

Carina Muskolus is Partner at the Center Strategic Projects, In-house Consulting of Deutsche Telekom AG. She manages and leads the topic area Organization & HR with focus on organizational design, corporate culture, personnel restructuring and leadership. Carina brings more than sixteen years of experience in shaping transformation processes from a national and international perspective.

Articles by Carina Muskolus

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Train tracks are going in two different directions


HR Transformation: From brake pad to business booster

How HR can change from a passive follower to a competent, connected change driver: a plea and guideline for an inevitable transformation.

2 climbers, one secures, while the other climbs a rock


From Consultant to trusted Advisior

Why trust is the indispensable basis of a good customer relationship. How to build trust. And why talk is silver and listening is golden.