Meet Gábor Kerülő from Magyar Telekom

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In addition to knowledge and experience, I think the appropriate personality is also essential. I'm open to fresh ideas as well as comments and opinions from my employees. It's all a part of working in a team. I have eight employees and we oversee the company's finances, which often just entails giving presentations with lots of colorful charts. Well, ok, it's a bit more complicated but I think humor's important, even in controlling.

Humor is also part of what I do when I'm not in the office – I like to write songs, which can sometimes be funny. Although it may be part of what I do when I'm not at work, I've actually written a few about Telekom. At our house we also have a new kind of music – my daughter's learning to talk! Music to my ears!

Telekom helps me there as well by not being too concerned about when I work exactly as long as I get the job done. It can sometimes be tough with a family, so it's especially nice to work for a company that values a balance of life and work.

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