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Start up! trainee program

Gestalten Sie als Trainee gemeinsam mit uns die digitale Zukunft, um das Leben von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt besser und einfacher zu machen.

Magenta Friday

The perfect career start

As a trainee at Deutsche Telekom, you choose your area of focus by yourself, work independently on challenging projects and create the best conditions for subsequently assuming a responsible position.

Telekom’s trainee program
Remain fully flexible: as a pioneer for the world of tomorrow.

Are you a graduate with ambition? Are you looking for a challenge, as well as a high degree of freedom to master it? Not a fan of the silo mentality? Then become a Telekom trainee. Because with us, you can tailor your own program.

Our 18-month trainee program starts every three months so you have great flexibility. The framework of the program is made up of five core phases. A one-week induction period gets you fit and ready. You design your own customized trainee program based on your interests within the framework of a focus topic. Controlling first? Then marketing? And after that, the Digital Transformation Office? Sure! You’re free to choose.

As a trainee you can also get to know our international business. International projects are a core element of our work, and you will get to experience at least one on-site.

Grow every day – as part of a team. Joint projects and initiatives with other trainees provide plenty of opportunities for that. Once a week on “Magenta Project Friday” you bring forward your own and joint ideas and proposals. A whole day long.
Stay inquisitive! You will also develop your expertise with the aid of innovative training formats. New insights relating to topics such as design thinking, digitalization and Big Data will help you grow.

After 18 months as a trainee you set course for the position of your dreams. Your extensive network and the great overview you’ve acquired of the company give your career the necessary momentum.

Sound exciting? Be there! For our trainee program we are looking for talents with attitude, with rough edges, people who set the bar high for themselves. We want doers who love ICT and who are open to new things.

In return we offer you the benefits of working for a successful global company. In addition, you get an open-ended employment contract and an above-average salary. You’ll find even more benefits over the following pages.

We are looking forward to your application!


Shape the world of tomorrow with us: Apply your talent as an innovation finder, technology enthusiast or original thinker every day. As a trainee, choose one of the following focus areas and remain open to everything else. What matters most are your own interests and abilities.

•          Network Technology  

•          Technology and innovation

•          Internet of Things, cloud solutions, big data

•          Finance and controlling

•          Human resources

•          Marketing, sales and services

•          In-house consulting

•          Corporate communications

•          Public and regulatory affairs

•          Data security, law and compliance

Over the five phases of the program, you go through various projects and design tasks that not only familiarize you with Telekom, but also with technologies and teams. We provide you with a defined framework through training sessions, events and support for your ideas. Benefit from the knowledge of others. You can learn from your own mentor if you wish to do so. 


Boot Camp. In your first week we make you fit and ready for your start at Deutsche Telekom. Get to know your “buddy”, learn more about Telekom’s strategy and work, and discover useful tools and tips so that you can hit the ground running. 

Get started. Your first project assignment in Bonn is the start of three intensive months filled with information and contacts for your network. You get to know our company and your colleagues. Right from the first day you work from your particular strengths: Your first project is waiting for you in your focus area.

Customer Assignment. Customer proximity is key. As a trainee you spend time in the call center, the Telekom shop, the technical service department and at one other location with direct customer contact. You are free to arrange these one-week assignments flexibly over 18 months. Ideal for taking ideas into the next project assignment!

Think different. Only courage and initiative lead to growth. You begin to follow your ambitions, and for three months you gather experience in a business division you are not yet familiar with.

Dive deep & International assignment. You spend nine months learning about everything related to sales, strategy, business and innovation. You spend at least three months in another European country. If you want to, you can pursue a project more intensively for six months in Germany or abroad.

Stay on the ball and keep developing your expertise: Our “Start up! University” offers the very latest learning formats. You are free to choose with regard to extending your knowledge. From the “Design Thinking Garage” to the “Corporate Happiness Workshop”, there is something for everyone here. 

Benefit from a strong community: Your colleagues are there to support you from day one. In every corner of our company, colleagues and former trainees will help you with any questions you might have. Your network is growing.

You should always be thinking “outside the box”. But especially so on Fridays, when you’re working on joint projects for “Magenta Project Friday” with your fellow trainees. On this fertile ground for a career full of innovative ideas, you can work together to push forward your projects.

Our tasks are great: As pioneers of the digital future, we not only have our eye on Germany, but the whole world. This work with the latest tools and technologies comes with enormous demands. We are treading new ground every day – and are learning new things as we go. To do that we need talents with courage and dedication.

We give you the freedom to think big. With us you can apply your strengths to strong ideas. As a trainee you determine your own success. That requires curiosity and zeal, even when things get tough. 

Do you have a degree in a field such as IT, the humanities, engineering or business management? Are you interested in future topics and the field of ICT? Do you think in a customer-effective and cost-effective way? Like to learn new things? Want to play a part in transformation and innovation? Value working in a team? Are you someone who finds innovative solutions? Who also addresses people about ideas? And who takes a stand on things? Is network thinking a strength of yours? Do you value responsibility? Then we look forward to receiving your application!

You can apply for a place on our trainee program at any time of year. Please plan plenty of time for the application process. To be on the safe side, you should submit your application at least four months before your desired start date.  

You can see a description of our application process here.

Auf dem Chart ist der Prozess des Bewerbungsablaufes bei Bewerbung für das Traineeprogramm abgebildet.

You apply directly online for our trainee program. Take the time to carefully prepare your application so that we can get as accurate a picture as possible of you.

Tell us why you want to work for Deutsche Telekom. And what you expect of us. We want to get a good overview of your skills. Please list your vocational and educational qualifications. What international experience do you have? In what areas have you already gained skills that could be important for us? Do you volunteer in the community or have you worked on your own projects alongside your studies? If so, please give a description because we want to learn more about your personality.

Tell us why you’re the ideal trainee. As an alternative to a cover letter, you can tell our recruiters more about yourself in an exposé. Tell us things that are not in your CV. Get us curious! Important note: The exposé is purely voluntary.

Group Assessment Center
And the process continues ... We invite you to a Group Assessment Center in Bonn. You should allocate a whole day for this stage in the selection process. We want to see how you behave in specific work situations. We’re interested in how you work in a team and how creative you are.

Invitation to interview
You have a discussion with staff from the department you have selected as a focus area. You are then told immediately afterwards whether you will be joining our team as a trainee.

Our job offer
Congratulations. You did it! You are now a trainee and are part of the Telekom team. And you can look forward to interesting professional challenges. The decision regarding which quarter you start in is, of course, just as individual as the whole trainee program.

Aktuelle Trainee-Jobs

Your choice

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Finance & Controlling (m/w)

6 days

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Human Resources (m/f)

6 days

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Human Resources (m/w)

6 days

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Inhouse Consulting (m/f)

6 days

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Marketing & Sales (m/w)

6 days

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Technology & Innovation (m/f)

6 days

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Technology & Innovation (m/w)

6 days