Start up!

Start up! trainee program

Start up!

As an ambitious university graduate brimming with talent, enthusiasm and personality, you'll take on responsible roles at the highest level, right from the start.

The 15-18 month program offers you a great deal of flexibility of assignments and support from experienced mentors. During the program, you'll get to know various areas of the company, whilst implementing our Group strategy of "Compete - Transform - Innovate" in your project assignments.

The program comprises five phases, each lasting three to four months. Throughout this period, you'll take on challenging project tasks in various business areas, taking in all components of our corporate strategy. In addition, you'll be assigned to a national company in one of our european core markets. Innovative training formats and events round off your personal development measures.

As a Start up! employee, you'll above all embody an entrepreneurial mentality, a willingness to change and a high degree of service orientation. That's why we need committed young talents who can strengthen our competitive position, are fascinated by innovation, can drive forward change in the Group and who don't lose sight of costs: those who are looking for more than a normal trainee program.

Start up! offers the ideal environment for successfully launching your career in the Group and building intensive contact to colleagues, managers and fellow Start up! employees. The program is a perfect career launch - we develop you to highly-qualified employees and offer you the opportunity to expand your strategic experience within Europe.

Once you have successfully completed the program, you can take on interesting, high-responsibility positions at Deutsche Telekom!

It's up to you: you determine your own area of focus. Start up! allows you to apply to seven Board departments or our Start up! program focusing on IT, Technology or Products and Innovation. Your profile, skills and interests guide your decision. A brief overview can be found below.

Timotheus Höttges, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Deutsche Telekom AG

Chairman's department

Focus on: Group Strategy, Brand Management, Communication, Political Communication, Products & Innovation

Thomas Dannenfeldt, Board member for Finance (CFO)

Finance Board department

Focus on: Controlling, Accounting, Investor Relations, Mergers & Acquisition, Treasury, Taxes, Audit, Procurement

Dr. Christian P. Illek, Board member for Human Resources

Human Resources Board department

Focus on: HR Strategy, HR Controlling, HR Development, Change Management, Compensation & Benefits, HR Product and Process Management, Diversity

Thomas Kremer, Board member for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance

Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance Board department

Focus on: IT Security, Data Privacy and Security, Legal Affairs and Compliance

As a Start up! employee, you make your way through your very own personal program - tailored to your personality and qualifications.

You'll visit five stations over fifteen or eighteen months, where a host of interesting projects and tasks await you. As a Start up! employee, you communicate and accelerate the change in culture and transfer of strategy. That's why your activities are embedded in the Group strategy: "Compete - Transform - Innovate".

At the start of the program, we want to help you find your way around the company, so you'll spend the first few days at Service Headquarters. Your first project assignment is dedicated to the "Compete" strategy aspect: which involves expanding your customer, service and market orientation. You'll learn how to defend our market shares and gain new customers. In one of our Customer Service Centers throughout Germany, you will get to know the service in everyday life in direct contact with customers as well as the work of managers. Consistent customer orientation is the basis of all further project assignments.

There is no set order for the next three components "Transform", "Innovate" and "International project assignment". "Transform" emphasizes the importance of change: here, we focus on streamlining processes and restructuring organizations. This is essential, as you will be one of the messengers of change. You'll take on responsibility for an idea, a product , a service, and drive forward the implementation.

"Innovate" allows you to experience Telekom's innovative departments. You'll learn how to anticipate future challenges on the IT and telecommunications market, as well as how to foster enthusiasm for innovation.

Our "International" component takes you abroad, to a national company with particular strategic significance. This is how we promote a global mindset within the company, whilst making you aware of intercultural differences. You'll accelerate the exchange of knowledge and improve cooperation between national and international business units.

Your final assignment as a Start up! employee is known as the "Deep Dive". Here, you can delve into a topic that's important to you, expand your network further and thus obtain an even better overview of the variety of our topics. In short: you'll build upon your expertise.

Do you love a challenge, want to work with successful and interesting people, show your initiative and entrepreneurial spirit and are target-oriented in your actions?

Then apply now - it doesn't matter whether you're a humanities, IT, engineering or business graduate. Show us what you're made of.

What you can expect from us:

  • Projects geared to Group strategy
  • Coaching from an experienced manager
  • Mentoring from a senior manager
  • European assignment
  • Personal training budget
  • Projects in a range of departments throughout the Group
  • Networking events with colleagues and management
  • Assignments with sales/customer proximity
  • Innovative training formats and events

 What we expect from you:

  • An impressive personality and a readiness to be a game-changer
  • A high level of customer, market and service orientation
  • A passion for innovation
  • Cost-efficient behavior
  • A great awareness of personal responsibility
  • An above-average final grade
  • Some practical experience at home and abroad
  • Very good command of German and English
  • An affinity to the Group and to the industry
  • Social commitment

Your application

You apply to the Start up! program online. Take your time with your application, to allow us to get as exact an impression as possible of you.

Tell us why you want to work for Telekom - and what you expect from us. Give us an overview of your skills, and please tell us your qualifications. What international experience can you bring to the table? Where have you already gathered experience that could be useful for us? Are you committed to any social causes? Be sure to tell us about what it is you do - we want to find out more about your personality.

In short: tell us what makes you the ideal Start up! candidate. Instead of a letter, you can choose to tell our recruitment team about yourself in the form of an exposé. Tell us things that aren't on your CV; make us curious. Please note: the exposé is entirely voluntary.

Online test

Your application convinced us and you came one step closer to start your traineeship with Deutsche Telekom. To help us to get more information about your personal skills and competencies, we would like to invite you to an online test.

Group assessment center

On to the next step... We'll invite you to a group assessment center in Bonn, lasting a day and a half. We want to test how you behave in specific work situations, and see how you cooperate in a team, as well as how creative you are.

Invitation to interview

You'll talk with employees from the department you applied to. Immediately afterwards, you'll find out whether you'll be joining us for Start up!

Your job offer

Congratulations. You did it. You're joining Telekom as a Start up! employee, and can look forward to a career full of exciting challenges. As with the rest of the Start up! program, you decide when you start.

Start Up!