Career development opportunities for students

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Career development opportunities for students and graduates

We support you in your career and personal development and support you to get the best from your current position. Because professional challenges are constantly changing and we want you to have the prerequisites to perform at your best.









Grow with us

Take the opportunity to develop, both on a personal and professional level, at Deutsche Telekom.

Be seen: Catch others’ attention, without being pushy. Think. Be interesting. And ask your colleagues how you can get involved.

Get stuck in: Support your team in projects, for example with routine jobs. Volunteer for tasks, e.g. taking minutes in a meeting.

Have your say: Do you have suggestions for improvement? Or a new idea? Get involved – we would be delighted to hear your opinion.

Seek out dialog: Request regular feedback. After all, the best way to learn is through your mistakes. And pick up tips on how to do better next time.

Start networking for your career from day one: We believe relationships only hurt the people who don't have them. Build up contacts as a student, and then maintain them because an internship can be a “foot in the door” for your final paper, a trainee program or a graduate job.

Be it theory or valuable practical experience, we can impart sound in-depth knowledge in every single one of our domains, from the Internet of Things to cloud computing right through to cybersecurity. From a traditional internship or a more flexible set-up to dual master’s degrees right through to the opportunity to write your final paper here at Deutsche Telekom, there are endless opportunities for students to work on their skills with us in our development, consultation, and sales divisions. Seize your opportunity!

As a student at Deutsche Telekom, you will be given the opportunity to grow in challenging projects and as a result of the responsibility we give you on day one. You will benefit from being able to discuss issues with colleagues in different countries and different fields of expertise. On an equal footing, regardless of roles or titles. This will help you to learn about different perspectives, characters, and opinions and give you an impression of our employees’ diverse cultural backgrounds.

Our trainee program features elements that will support you in your personal and professional development. Our “Start up! University” provides training sessions, and the Magenta Project Friday initiative is a great opportunity for cross-departmental networking so that you can expand your professional horizons.

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