Starting out as a trainee

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Starting out as a trainee

Do you think in a networked way and appreciate responsibility? Do you pursue innovative solutions and are you committed to them? Then take the opportunity to gain valuable experience in transformation and innovation topics and to participate in them.

You are welcome to apply

Our trainee positions for 2024 are online! We look forward to receiving your application.

The perfect start to your career

Trainees at Deutsche Telekom can choose their own specialist field, work independently on challenging projects, and thus pave the way for them to take on roles with additional responsibilities.

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Your trainee program in a nutshell

Are you a university graduate with ambition? Do you want to be challenged but be granted the freedom required to overcome these challenges? Is silo mentality not your thing? Then join Deutsche Telekom as a trainee and tailor your training to your needs.

We start a new round of our 18-month trainee program every three months, so we are flexible from the start. The program consists of five core phases, and an onboarding week gives you all the information you need to start our program. You can configure your training specifically to your interests within your specialist field. Controlling first, then marketing? And then on to the Digital Transformation Office? No problem. You can do whatever you like.

As a trainee, you can also gain valuable work experience abroad. International projects form the core of our work, and you will get the chance to work on at least one when you join Deutsche Telekom.

Your trainee salary

You will start your career with us with a very attractive, above-average trainee salary. 

  • With a Bachelor's degree, you will join us with an annual salary of over 61,000 euros (as of June 2023).
  • With a Master's degree, you will join us with an annual salary of over 64,000 euros (as of June 2023).
  • With a PhD degree, you will join the company with an annual salary of over 66,000 euros (as of June 2023).

Development is close to our heart

Grow a little more every day in our team-oriented work environment. There are plenty of opportunities to be had in joint projects and initiatives with other trainees. You will get the chance to work on your own ideas and projects once a week on Magenta Project Friday. The whole day long.

Stay inquisitive! Your knowledge will increase through our innovative training formats. New insights into topics such as design thinking, digitalization, and big data will help you to grow.

Sounds exciting? Be part of it! Our trainee program requires talented individuals with attitude, who think for themselves, and who set the bar high. We want doers who are fascinated by the world of ICT and are open to new challenges.
In return, we will provide the benefits of working in a successful global enterprise. This includes a permanent contract and an above-average wage. Find out more about all the perks on the following pages.
We look forward to receiving your application!

Help us to shape the world of tomorrow

Harness your talent as an innovator, technophile or revolutionary every single day. As a trainee, you can pick one of the following specialist fields: Public and Regulatory Affairs, Technology and Innovation, Group Development/M&A, Finance,  Inhouse Consulting und Human Resources.


You will be involved in various projects throughout the five phases of the program. These projects will familiarize you with our company, technology, and teams. We will provide you with solid structure with training sessions, events, and the opportunity to contribute your own ideas. Benefit from the knowledge of others and learn from your own mentor.


Boot camp

We will prepare you for work at Deutsche Telekom during your first week with us. You will find out more about our strategy and work, learn how to use handy tools, and pick up tips so that you can get started right away.

Get started

Your first project in Bonn will last for three intense months and provide you with plenty of information and contacts for your network. You will get to know our company and your colleagues. You will be able to focus on your strengths from day one, when you will be assigned your first project in your specialist field.

Customer assignment

Form a close bond with your customers. As a trainee, you will spend time in the call center, in Deutsche Telekom shops, in the technical service division, and at another site with direct contact with customers. You can spread out these one-week assignments across an 18-month period – the perfect way to incorporate your ideas into the next project!

Think different

Having courage and taking initiative are the only ways to spur on growth. You will begin to follow your ambitions and gain three months’ experience in an unfamiliar division.

Dive deep and take on an international assignment

You will spend nine months learning all about sales, marketing, strategy, business, and innovation. You will spend at least three months abroad internationally. You can also opt to pursue a project more closely, either in Germany or abroad, for a period of six months.

Stay in the loop and continue to expand on your knowledge: Our “Start up! University” program uses state-of-the-art learning formats, which enables you to be dynamic and flexible in choosing what you want to learn. From the Design Thinking Garage to the Corporate Happiness Workshop, there’s something for everyone.

Benefit from our strong community and receive support from your colleagues from day one. Colleagues and former trainees throughout the company will help you with any questions you may have. And your network will grow.

You will be constantly thinking outside the box. Especially on Fridays, when you will work meticulously on joint projects with fellow trainees. You will be able to get your own projects off the ground in this fertile breeding ground, perfect for a career full of innovative ideas.

You can submit your application for the trainee program at Deutsche Telekom throughout the year. To be on the safe side, we suggest that you submit your application at least four months before your planned starting date. 

You can learn how our application process is structured below:


The application for the trainee program is made online, directly via the job description. The application should be as carefully prepared as possible so that we can form the most authentic impression of you right from the very start. For instance, we are interested to learn why you would like to work for Deutsche Telekom and what you expect from us. We would also like to learn about your skills. This includes your qualification, practical knowledge, and international experiences that could be relevant for your desired position at Deutsche Telekom. Are you involved in social projects or have you even done some of your own projects? Then you must tell us more about them! This helps us immensely to gain an insight into your personality.

As an alternative to a conventional application, you can tell our recruiting team more about yourself as part of an exposé. This is an opportunity for you to make us curious with interesting facts that you couldn’t include in your CV. Important: The exposé is entirely voluntary.


Once we have received your application, our recruiting team will begin to view your documents. We gain an insight into your skills and professional qualifications. However, we believe it is very important to learn more about your personality.

We require around two weeks for this process. You will then receive a response from our recruiting team.


Hiring day is the core of our recruiting process. In a single day, you will decide on your future at Deutsche Telekom.

Here, you can see what exactly awaits you:





All done! As a trainee, you are now part of Deutsche Telekom and can get ready for interesting professional challenges. Of course, the decision as to which quarter you will join us is as individual as the trainee program itself.

What you should bring with you as a trainee

Our jobs can be massive. As a trailblazer for the future of digital, we have our sights set not just on Germany but the whole world. Working with state-of-the-art tools and technologies can be highly demanding. We are constantly treading new ground and learning things we didn’t know every day. But we need talented employees with courage and commitment.
We will give you the freedom to think big so that you can harness your strengths to make big ideas come true. As a trainee, you will determine your own success. This requires curiosity and guts, especially when things get tricky.

Have you successfully completed your studies in IT, the humanities, engineering or business administration? Are you interested in future issues and ICT? Do you think about saving costs and how customers can benefit? Do you like learning every day? Do you want to be a part of transformation and innovation? Do you enjoy working in a team? Are you a person who finds innovative solutions and fights for things? Do you think in networks and value responsibility? Then we can’t wait to receive your application!


Set your priorities

As a trainee, you choose a focus. In these videos you will gain deeper insights into different areas.

Do you have questions about the Trainee program? We are here for you!

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Nadine Rohland

Recruiter Trainee Program Start up!


Anja Elsner

Contact for Trainee Program Start up! and University Marketing

Connect with our trainees to build up your network

Do you want to make your first contacts? Would you like to know what a trainee does or talk personally with our trainees and get rid of burning questions? Then contact our trainees and get first-hand reports and insights into the trainee program.

Follow us behind the scenes of the Trainee Program

An authentic insight is important to you? Here you go! Get to know our trainees at the trainee meeting or find out how Naveen was able to shape his trainee program. The motto of the annual Next Generation Telekom-Event (NGT 23) is “Trainees for Trainees”.

News for Trainee program

Your choice

4 Current jobs for Trainees

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Focus Corporate Development & M&A (m/f/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Focus B2B Sales Consultant (m/f/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Focus Finance (m/f/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Focus Technology (m/f/d)

4 Current jobs for Trainees

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Focus Corporate Development & M&A (m/f/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Focus B2B Sales Consultant (m/f/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Focus Finance (m/f/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom AG

Trainee Focus Technology (m/f/d)

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