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Diversity makes you creative

Diversity is an integral part of our culture. Corporate diversity helps us to compete globally with the best team. It encourages creativity and innovation to shape tomorrow's digital world.

We think and live diversity in all its dimensions

35,43 percent (as of July 2021) of all Deutsche Telekom employees are women. We encourage and support them in actively advancing their careers, optimally combining work and private life, and working with us on the digitization path.
Here you can find the Guideline for Divesity, Equity and Inclusion

We empower women

Deutsche Telekom offers women a wide range of opportunities and has a number of initiatives in place to help women build a career that works for them. Our goal is that every employee and every applicant should be given fair opportunities for access and development - regardless of their individual backgrounds. 

Deutsche Telekom supports a raft of networks, initiatives, and programs that promote equal opportunities and work-life balance. They represent the interests of women across and beyond professions and industries. As a partner to these organizations, Deutsche Telekom gives its female employees the opportunity to open a dialog with women from other industries and, in doing so, paves the way to professional development and career advancement measures – specifically for women.

Additionally, these partnerships open doors for women to join Deutsche Telekom by making career options at the Group for students and graduates transparent.

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Charter of Diversity

Telekom is a founding member of the Diversity Charter, an independent business initiative supported by around 3,300 companies and institutions in Germany. Its goal is to create a working environment that is free of prejudice. All employees worldwide should be valued - irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

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Promoting young talent

We are specifically committed to diversity among our junior staff. That's why we encourage and support young people from different backgrounds and nationalities. We support disadvantaged young people in the context of an entry-level qualification internship and young refugees who have the same opportunities as all other applicants to enter an entry-level qualification, apprenticeship or dual study program. In this way, we offer all applicants the same opportunities in their career entry. End of 2020, 7.94 percent of our trainees and dual students were of a nationality other than German, with a total of 55 nationalities represented.



The international Femtec careers platform is dedicated to inspiring women to pursue a (management) career in the technical field. As a provider of excellent entry-level and development opportunities for female STEM graduates, Deutsche Telekom is very happy to support Femtec. Committed and talented STEM students regularly visit the Group Headquarters in Bonn to learn more about the Group and find out about the attractive career prospects available to them at Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom also helps to choose international Femtec scholarship candidates by offering the network guidance and support throughout the selection process. In addition, we offer internships to Femtec members and help them to establish their own network of professional contacts.

Femtec as a career springboard

In the video, Tiana tells us how she started her career at Telekom through Femtec.

Sandrine and Lelia also convinced us with their tech expertise and commitment in the selection process for our Start up! Trainee Program. What drives them and why they chose Deutsche Telekom, they both share in the video.

Femtec.Alumnae e.V.

Femtec Alumnae

In a pilot project, we offer 60 Femtec alumnae an exclusive upskilling program to expand their own skillset through knowledge exchange with experts, practical exercises and in discussion rounds. In coordination with the network, focus topics of the program are defined and offered in virtual live sessions. This is in line with our culture of lifelong learning in the company, which we are happy to continue and expand with our cooperation partners.

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Women’s STEM Award

For eight years in a row, the international Women's STEM Award has been presented to excellent STEM theses, including bachelor's or master's theses on the strategic growth fields of "Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Cyber Security, Internet of Things or Networks of the Future". 

The call for entries is being held in cooperation with the audimax media house and the MINT Zukunft schaffen initiative. We want to promote young STEM talent and present female role models in their expertise. Our credo: Diversity helps us to survive in global competition. That's why we deliberately focus on mixed teams and promote female STEM talent in higher education. Find out more about the winners, categories and award ceremonies here.

Global Digital Woman

Global Digital Women

An international network of pioneering females in the digital sector, GDW aims to connect, empower, and make visible inspiring women who have a major influence on the digital future. Global Digital Women is a platform for digital “heroines” from business, politics, associations, and organizations to share experiences and raise their profiles. As a partner company of GDW, Deutsche Telekom hosts digital lunchtime events or, depending on the pandemic situation, on-site events at the headquarters in Bonn.


Digital Female Leader Award

The annual Digital Female Leader Award (DFLA) - an initiative of Global Digital Women - makes projects and career paths of women visible and promotes talents. We are delighted that 55 Telekom women have been nominated in the race for the coveted award. As sponsor of the category "Digital Leadership", we want to honor outstanding female personalities with special leadership qualities.

Deutsche Telekom is leading the way in German industry when it comes to increasing the number of women in management. As early as 2010, the Group voluntarily introduced a minimum requirement with the aim of filling 30 percent of management positions with women. Meeting this goal requires a corporate culture of equality that awards jobs to the best qualified applicant, irrespective of whether they are male or female. And the figures back up Deutsche Telekom’s success over the years (July 2021):

  • Deutsche Telekom AG has increased the number of women on the Supervisory Board by 25 percentage points since 2010 – from 20 percent to 45 percent
  • With three women on the Board of Management, Deutsche Telekom AG is well ahead of DAX companies in terms of the fair share quota at 37.5 percent
  • Internationally, the target of filling 30 percent of management positions with women has already been met with 30.65 percent female executives outside Germany
  • A diversity ambition of 40 percent is pursued both in the Global Talent Pool and in succession planning
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MINT award for women

Are you a young woman on a MINT course and writing your thesis about IoT, cyber-security, or AI? Excellent! Please keep reading...

Beratungs- & Vermittlungsangebote

“Karriere mit Kind(ern)” (Career and child(ren))

This mentoring program aims to prevent individuals from dropping off the career ladder as a result of parental leave or reduced working hours.


Employee networks

There are many networks for women at Deutsche Telekom, including two main ones.

News about Women at Deutsche Telekom

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