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CSP career levels

CSP develops its consultants on an ambitious and transparent five steps career path – from Consultant to Senior Project Manager. In our bi-annual promotion cycle, our leadership team discusses every consultants’ performance and promotes respectively without being limited by fixed quotas or vacancies.

Non-financial benefits

In addition to an attractive remuneration, the Center Strategic Projects also offers various non-financial benefits.

1. One Day for You – Four days a week, our consultants invest in Deutsche Telekom, one day a week CSP invests in you. Every Friday, all consultants meet in the office for business lunches, academy Fridays, working on CSP initiatives and operations, or networking with CSP colleagues and alumni.

2. Participative Leadership – Currently, we work on seven CSP initiatives, so-called operations, e.g. including recruiting, communication, and networking. Each consultant contributes to one of these operations to personally impact CSP’s future development. All operation heads – members of the extended leadership team – are democratically elected and mandated for one year. Thus, everybody – even junior colleagues – can learn the art of leadership in a safe environment.

3. Social Events and Off-Sites – Time spent together outside the office creates friendships and valuable networks. Therefore, we organize project-related business dinners and drinks, business practice off-sites -, summer-, alumni events etc. on a regular basis.

Work-life at CSP

Work-life balance is of high importance to our generation – especially in the consulting sector, where we advise highly demanding top executives in a very volatile environment. We aim to provide a sustainably healthy environment for our consultants with opportunities for private and professional development. Therefore, we defined two levers:

1. Travel Time Optimization – Telekom's top management is based in Bonn – which means that the majority of our clients are in Bonn. As CSP’s headquarter is also located in Bonn, we usually avoid long travels and still remain in close proximity to our clients. Needless to say, exceptions are our occasional international projects.

2. Overtime Compensation – Strategic top management consulting projects often demand our consultants to go the extra mile. However, between two projects, longer absense – depending on agreements also as overtime compensation – is absolutely possible, e.g. to enjoy traveling or other private activities. True to the motto: work hard and play hard.

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