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Telekom Strategy Consulting

We connect the future

We are Deutsche Telekom's inhouse consulting team, and we dare to think big. By pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we strive to identify new potentials and design implementation-oriented solutions with vision. With our dynamic and collaborative work environment, we empower each other to reach new heights and connect the future, together.

Our work is based on two pillars:

1. Shaping the future of Deutsche Telekom

As trusted advisors to the top management, we drive change and innovation at Deutsche Telekom. We are looking for brilliant minds who are eager to help shape and change the most valuable European brand. With in-depth knowledge of the market, technologies, and future developments, we strive to exceed the expectations of our business partners. This makes us an essential part of Telekom’s ambitions to shape the future of the digital world.

2. Developing the leaders of tomorrow

Developing future leaders is a key part of our work at Deutsche Telekom's inhouse consultancy. We believe in fostering personal growth through trainings, coaching, and an individual development budget. Beyond that,  our philosophy is that people quickly take on responsibility on projects and internal activities. The success of our alumni speaks for itself – many now hold top positions in the company, from the executive level up to managing director positions.

All partners of Telekom Strategy Consulting are shown side by side in the picture.

Telekom Strategy Consulting Structure

We believe in being closely aligned with Deutsche Telekom's business units. That's why we mirror the company's structure, dividing into five practices, each led by one of our experienced partners.

Our Practices

Join our interdisciplinary team and work on challenging, high-impact projects shaping the future of telecommunications. As a member of one of our five practices, you will gain invaluable, deep insights into Europe’s mort valuable brand.


Aim of the Practice Digitalization & IT

"Set digital impulses to transform Deutsche Telekom into the Leading Digital Telco – the first large-scale Telco being a real software company. As part of our team, you use your strategic and analytical skills combined with an understanding of latest digital trends and technologies to deliver strategic advice to our senior leadership impacting Deutsche Telekom’s customers and shareholders around the world.”

What can you expect from us?

We are strategy consultants, burning for latest digital technologies and the telco ecosystem. We understand market dynamics, platform business models and digital customer expectations as well as strategic moves of our competitors. We have opinions on how latest technologies will help DT to even outgrow its current superior position. Our team is confident to apply things like data & AI, cloudification, and latest software development trends to our core business and helps the senior leadership of Deutsche Telekom to solve complex industry problems as one team with members of other TSC practices.

Portrait of the partner of the Digitalization & IT Practice.

Head of the Practice Digitalization & IT

Zülfikar Kapan

Aim of the Practice Markets & Innovation

Only innovative companies can succeed in the long run – that is why Deutsche Telekom is picking up the pace by bringing new services and products into the market at an ever-increasing speed. The practice Markets & Innovation at TSC is an important trendsetter. What can you expect? In the future, Deutsche Telekom seeks to achieve a significant share of its growth through innovations that is either fueled by internal ideas or through collaborations with partners. One of the driving forces here is our practice Markets & Innovation at TSC. Our strategy: driving innovative business models to further increase the attractivity of our company. Together with Deutsche Telekom's innovation departments, we determine the strategic orientation, develop and implement group-wide go-to-market approaches, and set standardized methods for introducing innovations. 

You enjoy to speed things up?

So do we – our innovations need to be ready for a go-to-market at an ever-increasing speed. Additionally, as a member of our team you will also get to know our corporate governance structures and refine responsibilities for our group-wide innovation business. Who works for us? Our future co-workers need to be familiar with the new markets: a sound knowledge of innovation management and expertise in building new business areas in high-tech and telecommunications markets is essential for our practice Markets & Innovation. 

Our team members at the TSC have in-depth marketing know-how, especially when it comes to marketing strategies, go-to-market planning, and 4Ps (product, place, price, promotion). Good to know: our practice Markets & Innovation is an interdisciplinary team. If you want to be creative and innovative, you are welcome to join us. 

Philippe Tambourgi

Head of the Practice Markets & Innovation

Philippe Tambourgi

Practice Technology & Strategy: What we do

At Deutsche Telekom, our network is consistently rated the best by customers, and that's what drives our Technology & Strategy team. Leading the way in network excellence, we are dedicated to staying at the top. Together with Deutsche Telekom's divisions, we're pushing the limits by bringing optical fiber closer to customers and pioneering new production models. As data traffic and connected devices continue to surge, we're playing a vital role in transforming the network to meet the challenges ahead.

What to expect

Our team members possess a unique blend of technical expertise, business savvy, and problem-solving abilities to drive these changes. We're shaping the nationwide development of optical fiber technology, engineering intercontinental networks and IoT solutions, and establishing units for big data and switching to IP telephony at our national companies in Europe. 

Who works for us

We're looking for people with technical knowledge, a love of technology, market know-how, and an understanding of the economic landscape. Our team is made up of engineers, physicists, and economists who work together in an exciting and collaborative environment. If you're ready to grow your skills and be a part of our dynamic team, we welcome your application!

Aim of the Practice Organization & HR 

"Our Group is changing, becoming more dynamic and efficient. The organizational challenges posed by this transformation are being addressed by the staff of the Business Practice Organization & HR in the TSC. What can you expect from us? Technological change, market dynamics, regulatory pressure: There is hardly any other company where the challenges for organization and HR are as great and diverse as at Deutsche Telekom. In this environment, the employees of our Business Practice Organization & HR in the Telekom Strategy Consulting have one goal: We make the Group more dynamic and efficient - with entrepreneurial vision and social responsibility. That appeals to you? Would you like to develop intelligent solutions with us? Do you want to design and implement complex transformations? ”

We live a diverse team culture that brings together responsibility, performance and fun!

In our Business Practice Organization & HR you will deal with the following topics: spin-offs, reorganization, workforce and skill management, change management, HR analytics and HR IT topics, organizational development e.g., agile transformation processes. 

Deutsche Telekom is in a continuous transformation process as a leading digital telco. People topics are enablers and drivers of our corporate success and more relevant than ever before.

Who works for us? Our Organization & HR Business Practice includes experts in organizational development and design. Our employees are well versed in strategic people management and have a lot of practical experience. By the way: Your team colleagues have very different educational and personal backgrounds. We employ economists, industrial and organizational psychologists as well as humanities graduates. We believe in diversity it provides us with different perspectives and creative solutions for our customers. You are challenging the status quo with an innovative mind set and disruptive thinking to stay head in a fast-changing environment – you will love being part of the team!

Aim of the Practice Value & Efficiency

Our focus is on topics that impact and create Shareholder Value. We do that through combining financial thinking with a market driven focus. Moreover, we always pro-actively seek to improve the status quo. Topic wise we push value creation e.g. via organic and inorganic growth projects and business development. On the efficiency side we push finance-driven projects, like digital finance, business case analysis and benchmarking.

What can you expect from us?

As part of V&E you should really like to create an impact – either through driving value or creating efficiency. If you have a background in finance, M&A, commercial management, ESG a background with general business administration and an interest in the above focus topics, you are a good fit for our V&E team. An important side note is that our colleagues like to work data- and fact based, while also ensuring to enable our internal customers to be the most successful by themselves. Capital market updates, general macro-economic factors and an interest in what's going on in the business world should be a given.

Our Team

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