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The CSP offers its consultants a clear and transparent career path. You can develop over five ranks from consultant to principal. There are no rigid rules regarding your personal career development - we review your fit for the next career step individually. Every 6 months, we reflect on your individual career path. In the so-called "evaluation cycles" you get the chance to make your next career step.

A man stands in front of a staircase. The five career levels of the CSP are depicted on the individual steps.

Career ladder

At CSP, your career can take off or gain new momentum. Our clear development path will help you achieve your goals.

Application process

You want to join us as a consultant or do an internship? Great! As soon as we have reviewed your application, we will conduct a multi-stage selection process during which you will get to know some of our consultants. Why do we take so much time for this? So that we can mutually assess whether we are a good fit for each other - you for us and we for you. After each of the application steps, we give you comprehensive feedback within 36 hours.

The interview I is the first time we come into direct contact with each other. Our recruiters call you at an agreed time and want to find out whether the first impression is confirmed by your documents in the personal interview.

Duration: 1 hour

Mode: Phone call with one or two recruiters

Elements you might encounter:

  • Checking your language skills
  • Presentation of resume & motivation
  • Brain teaser & logic questions

Preparation tips:

  • Take the interview seriously and prepare for it as you would for a job interview
  • Find out about Telekom and the latest market developments

In the interview II, we finally want to get to know you personally and have enough time to see whether we are a good fit for you and whether you are a good fit for us. One focus of the interview II is a case study in which you can present your skills in analytics & conception, problem-solving, and communication based on an example from our everyday project work.

Duration: 2 hours

Mode: Interview with two recruiters

Elements you might encounter:

  • Quantitative or logic tests
  • Content questions and discussions
  • Case study

Preparation tips:

  • Look at prominent metrics and business management methods
  • Practice case studies in the consulting environment
  • Find out about Telekom and the latest market developments

Here, we take several hours of time for you. Our goal: We test your analytical skills as well as your professional and social competencies in a typical customer project and simulate classic consulting situations in a role play. Also exciting for you: this is where you get to know your future supervisor.

Duration: 4.5 hours

Mode: Interview with two recruiters (partner and senior consultant) and one external recruiter.

Elements you might encounter:

  • Content-related questions and discussions
  • Role plays
  • Case study & presentation

Tips for preparation:

  • Take an in-depth look at Deutsche Telekom's strategy
  • Practice case studies in the consulting environment
  • Find out about Telekom and the latest market developments

The application process for interns differs slightly from the application process for permanent employees:

The Job interview

The interview offers us the opportunity to get to know each other. You can get an idea of your potential future colleagues and possible working environment and we have the chance to meet you in person. One focus of the interview is a short self-presentation, in which you can present yourself, your experience, motivation, communication skills and energy.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Mode: Interview with two recruiter

Elements you might encounter:

  • Self-presentation
  • Content questions and discussion
  • Brain teaser or case study

What’s next?
After the interview, we will give you a comprehensive feedback within 36 hours. In the meantime, we can check on both sides whether we fit to each other. If it's a good fit on both sides, we'll be happy to welcome you to CSP at the agreed starting time.

Current job offers

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Questions about your application to CSP?

Here you can find the right answers.

Once your application documents have been successfully submitted, they will be forwarded to our recruiting colleagues. After the application deadline and a review of all applications, they will make an initial preselection. If this turns out to be positive, your documents will be forwarded to the department for further review. If this evaluation is also positive, we will invite you to a first personal meeting. In your profile you can see the status of your application at any time!

We look forward to receiving your online application. If you are unable to do so, we will be happy to advise you on +49 (0) 800 330 6700.

Your documents should be complete and include the following: letter of application, a complete CV as well as all other available supporting documents and records from the last five years (e.g. additional qualifications, languages learned, periods spent abroad).

As a rule, this is the first day of the following month at the earliest. The actual start date will be agreed individually between the tendering area and the selected applicant.

As long as the position is published in our job search, you can assume that the position is still available.

We recommend that you apply for a specific advertised position. The advantage is that you can check the status of your application at any time in the application portal.

Is your dream job not yet listed? Then simply activate a job subscription and have your personal job offer sent to you based on your search criteria.

Yes, use the applicant profile you have created for this purpose.

Your recruiter and the department to which you have applied. If you explicitly release your profile, we can search our database for corresponding keywords and access your applicant profile.

In your profile you can always see the status of your application!

Apply now

We are looking forward to your application.

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