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Jobs in smart solutions

Deutsche Telekom offers smart solutions and innovative concepts for various sectors and fields. A special highlight is Smart City. We design the city of the future, making it sustainable and a good place to live.

Better climate in our cities

For the city of the future, the signs this year are "green" in every respect: Michael Frank, Head of Smart City at Deutsche Telekom, explains why cities and municipalities can now take off digitally.

„Cities and communities can now kick-start their digital transformation as the technologies and the necessary funding are both in place. We support them with our concepts and solutions on their journey to becoming the livable cities of the future.“ 

Michael Frank, Head of Smart City at Deutsche Telekom

What will our lives be like in the city of the future?

Here’s a peek into the year 2050.
The future is going to be clever, smart, and greener again.

Working in the smart-city environment

Catrin’s job is to develop all the things that are necessary for a modern city equipped with new technologies. How can we improve the quality of life in the city? Take the park app, for example, which makes life much easier for motorists. It also helps to cut down traffic and improve air quality, reducing our carbon footprint. Climate change is without doubt the most pressing problem that our generation is facing. And cities are responsible for 75 percent of global energy use. Catrin knows what needs to be done. Smart streetlights that dim automatically when no one is around are just one possible solution. And there are many more ideas and suggestions Catrin has up her sleeve.

Catrin Braun says, Tech trees for green cities? i will not stop until air-cleaning City Trees grow everywhere

„The bigger the challenge, the greater the results. We are always exploring the limits of what is possible and will continue to do so. Our ambition as a company is to set new standards in the digital field."

Catrin Braun, Smart City Expert for Deutsche Telekom IoT

Smart solutions careers

Working on smart solutions means creating impact – in a very specific way, for each and every one of us, for the whole of society. There are not many other topic areas with such a tangible impact: less traffic congestion, less time spent trying to find parking, dealing with authorities and official procedures digitally, reducing our carbon footprint and improving air quality. Fired up and ready to go? Become one of us!

71 Current job offers in the Smart Solutions environment

Frankfurt am Main (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Solution Designer (m/f/d)

Frankfurt am Main (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Senior Solution Designer (m/f/d)

Leinfelden-Echterdingen (+), T-Systems International GmbH

IT Solution Designer (m/w/d)

Darmstadt (+), T-Systems on site services GmbH

(Senior) Solution Designer (m/w/d) Data Analytics

Darmstadt (+), Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Senior Solution Designer Voice (m/w/d)

Nürnberg (+), Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Solution Designer (m/w/d)

Bonn (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Cloud Solutions Architect (m/w/d)

Frankfurt am Main (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Solution Architect ServiceNow (m/w/d)

Frankfurt am Main (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Senior Solution Architect ServiceNow (m/w/d)

Düsseldorf (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Senior Solutions Architect for Cloud, for Data and AI (M/W/D)

Smart Solution: Your contacts

Do you have questions about our career opportunities in the field of smart solution? Would you like to know more about a specific role or team? Get in touch with our recruiting specialist or our expert.

Angela Linker

Angela Linker


Catrin Braun

Catrin Braun

Smart City Expert

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