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Jobs in the digital world

Do you want to make a difference and shape the future of tomorrow today? You can do that with Telekom Technik. Whether you are a data scientist, software engineer or benchmarking expert – your job opportunities with us relating to digitalization are diverse. Do you want to work with exciting future technologies and artificial intelligence, develop software, get started as a project manager in an international benchmarking environment or further develop your skills through a trainee program or dual study program (links to German site)? We at Telekom Technik offer you a wide range of possibilities. Our colleagues from the Digital Business unit tell us how they got to Telekom Technik and what drives them.

Why do I work in the Digital Business unit at Telekom Technik?

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Ludwig Müller, software engineer

“Because every project here brings new challenges.”

Ludwig Müller: I got my job as a software engineer through a dual degree in business informatics. Afterwards, I was free to continue with the master’s program while working at Telekom Technik. Now that I work in the Digital Business unit, I can really let my creativity loose, while making sure that we can push ahead even faster with our fiber-optic build-out with the aid of digital solutions.

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Nele Borgmann, benchmarking project manager

“I can immerse myself in many exciting technical topics and make things happen.”

Nele Borgmann: As a benchmarking project manager, I work on strategic topics for technology. By exchanging ideas with other companies, including international companies, our team offers a view outside the box and uses its analysis results to provide impetus for improvements. I started at Deutsche Telekom as a Start up! Trainee in the technology and innovation unit.


Cina Razzaghi, data scientist

“To make our company and our society fit for the future.”

Cina Razzaghi: In my job as a data scientist, I can contribute my analytical and communication skills to our core business. After my master's degree in physics, I worked as a start up! Trainee. In this role I got a taste of different areas of Telekom and finally found my place-to-be in the “Digital Business” area of Telekom Technik. Here I continue to develop both personally and in current AI topics.