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Our mission: Building Germany’s most modern network

As HR director at Telekom Technik, Peter Beutgen works very closely with the company’s 20,000 employees. Every single day, he experiences the strong motivation in the teams and the pride in helping to build something truly great. For him, being responsible for the network build-out – the engine for Germany’s prosperity and future – is the major appeal.

Peter Beutgen

Peter Beutgen, Managing Director Human Resources at Telekom Technik, is proud to advance the digitization of Germany every day.

Why is it worthwhile to work at Telekom Technik?

Peter: The digital society is unimaginable without DeutscheTelekom. Telekom Technik`s employees work to create and maintain the best network every day and ensure a secure, reliable network infrastructure in Germany. We connect people, services, and “things” with each other. That has been the basis for our success in recent years and is paving the way for the innovations of tomorrow. We are shaping the digital future which means we offer jobs with clear future perspectives.

What are the main benefits of working at Telekom Technik for you and what are your duties there?

Peter: We aim to offer our customers the best and most reliable network experience wherever they are and whenever they need it. To do so, we plan, build, and operate the most modern networks in Germany – of this "aspiration" as a great privilege, one that gives me the strength to do my best every day. We work every day on Germany’s future viability as a place to do business, because our networks are the engine for prosperity in our country.

As HR director at Telekom Technik, my organization and I are responsible for the personnel-related matters at one of the Group’s largest companies. As a strong Business Partner, we develop and negotiate the necessary terms and framework conditions that are in line with the Group’s HR strategy. So we are always closely involved when it comes to focusing the Group on future topics.

Do you have any other advice for potential “newcomers”?

Peter: What I really appreciate are the various opportunities that Deutsche Telekom offers in the context of personal development. We invest a lot of energy and resources in skills development and life-long learning. This helps us ensure a high level of skills in our organization, which is a decisive factor, particularly in a market environment that’s changing as quickly as ours. I highly recommend joining us on our mission and working together with some 20,000 colleagues at Telekom Technik to make our company a leading (telco) platform provider.