Henrik Schmitz

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School in England, studies in Finland and Serbia. Local newspaper in Wetzlar, media journalism at "epd medien", "journalist", "Frankfurter Rundschau", the media blog "Altpapier" and others. News journalist for ddp and dapd - both are now history. Cross-media on the road at Hessischer Rundfunk and Radio in Dortmund. What hardly anyone knows: author of a libretto for a children's musical. Later a guest appearance at the NRW State Chancellery to promote start-ups. Joined Telekom in 2013 and is responsible for network policy and regulation, among other things.

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Your choice

Example 1: How to lay cables. Here is an example from Germany.


Between expectations and reality of broadband expansion

The debate about broadband expansion in Germany is being conducted intensively. Sometimes objective, sometimes emotional. But almost always from one’s own perspective.