Anne Geelen

Anne Geelen


At Corporate Communications, Anne is dealing with technology and innovation topics as for example 5G, autonomous driving or the European Aviation Network.

At the beginning of her career she studied physics. With her diploma in pocket, Anne started her career at the former T-Mobil-net GmbH in 1995. Following several stages within the Group, she entered Corporate Communications in 2008.  There, technology topics captured her interest, and they continue to fascinate her. Every day there are many exciting stories that want to be told ...

Articles by Anne Geelen

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5G mmWave


5G millimeter wave technologies for Industry

Combination of dual connectivity, carrier aggregation and priority scheduling improves data uplink. Enabler for new industry use-cases.

Automated driving with 5G Network Slicing and Quality of Service.


Automated Driving with 5G

World first demonstration of automated driving applications supported by 5G network slicing and controlled network QoS

aerial view of logport I, Port of Duisburg


5G project at port of Duisburg

In the Port of Duisburg, cranes are to be intelligently controlled via 5G from Deutsche Telekom. The project is funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Telekom leads 6G NeXt research consortium 

The consortium investigates 6G requirements for real-time and demanding XR applications. The project is part of the BMBF's 6G funding program.


Telekom takes the lead for 6G research project

Together with 22 partners, Telekom is forming a consortium with the aim of developing a uniform 6G architecture. The project is part of the BMBF's 6G funding program