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Katja Werz

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Katja Werz, born in 1969, has been working at Deutsche Telekom for many years. She joined the company almost “by accident” and started her company career doing executive communication. She then worked in the international communications department. Today, she works on the topics of network infrastructure and Sponsoring. And because she is an optimist and refuses to stop looking at the bright sight of life, she engages in communication on corporate responsibility topics.  

Articles by Katja Werz

Your choice

Barbara Costanzo and Soulie B.


One-year "Internship plus direct entry"

Integrating refugees in the labor market: “We will carry on!”

Digital beehive


Award for connected beehives by Deutsche Telekom

T-Systems has won the Paragon Award in the "Impact" category from consulting firm ISG for its submission "Smart Beehives".

Collage of Stefan Marienfeld's team, with Hedi Meinhardt, Benjamin Becker, and Christian Scholz.


Coronavirus hotline for Nebenan.de

We introduce the team that set up the hotline for Nebenan.de.

Deutsche Telekom has been awarded the 2017 National German Sustainability Award

Corporate Responsibility

National German Sustainability Award

For its efforts on behalf of sustainability, Deutsche Telekom has been honored with the National German Sustainability Award in the "large companies" category.

Left to right: Barbara Costanzo, Mariya Gabriel, and Annette Reuter


Teachtoday among the best Europe has to offer!

Deutsche Telekom awarded prize at the EU Safer Internet Forum 2018 in Brussels.