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Martina Morawietz

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Martina likes networking on connected things: She is a fan of successfully digitized companies. No blind belief in progress: Martina has a soft spot for standardization and security.

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IoT Truck


Fleet management: there is always potential for savings

The transport and logistics sector is faced with a dilemma: everyone wants minimal costs for the journeys. Impossible? The Internet of Things has levers for optimization. Six examples.

Dispatcher at his desk.


Appreciated passenger: the trucker's tracker

GPS tracking helps drivers behind the wheel and office planners plan optimal routes, satisfy customers and save costs.

Illustration woman wearing dirndl in a truck.


What my digitized Wiesn would look like

As a fan of the Oktoberfest, I have combined the Internet of Things and the fair into five possibilities for a digital Volksfest: all about logistics, from tent setup to Dirndl purchase.

Part of the ITT fleet.


Safe, economic and ecological travel

For the transfer of cash or items of value, transport companies rely on incalculable routes - this is easy with a solution for fleet management.

Insulated container in the supermarket.


Dough pieces, tomatoes and frozen food together on the move

Different cooling requirements and yet in one truck to the supermarket? Sure. With a tracker to monitor the insulated containers.