Avoiding other conflicts of interest

Deutsche Telekom expects that the personal interests of its Board of Management members, managing directors, executives and employees will not interfere or conflict with its interests.

Code of Conduct - Avoiding other conflicts of interest

“I applied because I thought it was a great idea to take employees as faces of the Code of Conduct. Not some actors who do not live these guidelines themselves.”
Vanessa Machura, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Secondary Employment

Secondary employment must not conflict with the interests of Deutsche Telekom; that applies in particular to secondary employment with competitors.

Equity participations

Equity participations by Deutsche Telekom employees in competitors or business partners of Deutsche Telekom that grant the investor influence over the business are not in the interests of Deutsche Telekom.

Gabriela Dodavska, T-Mobile Macedonia A.D.

Private use of company property

The private use of company property is permissible only where provided for by individual contract, collective agreement or company regulations, or where such use is accepted company practice.