Business relationships

Trust and fairness in all business decisions are the indispensible elements of Deutsche Telekom dealing with its business partners. The private interests or personal gain of employees do not have any influence on business decisions.

Code of Conduct - Business relationships

"It is important for me that the Code of Conduct exists, so we could regulate the values of working and collaboration concretely as well as it gives us an orientation all about this."
Katrin Müller, Training management

In order to preserve the trust of its customers, business partners, shareholders and of the general public, Deutsche Telekom firmly rejects any and all forms of corrupt behavior and avoids even the mere appearance of such behavior. Specifically, this means that Deutsche Telekom employees may not offer, promise or grant benefits to any public officials in their local country or abroad, nor to any decisionmakers operating in the private sector in their local country or abroad, in order to achieve preferential treatment or a favorable decision for Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom employees must bear this in mind when dealing with gifts or invitations to business meals and events.

Deutsche Telekom employees may not allow themselves to be promised or offered benefits and shall not accept any benefits if this creates, or could create, the impression with the parties bestowing the benefits that they can thus influence the employees’ business decisions. Further, Deutsche Telekom employees must never request any benefits for themselves or third parties.

The public sector is an important market for Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom’s employees adhere to the rules prohibiting undue influence in public-sector tenders and ensuring fair competition.

Deutsche Telekom has international business relations. It is thus actively involved in the global trade in goods and services, and is a supporter of free trade. Within this context, Deutsche Telekom complies with the applicable trade regulations regarding import/export controls and embargoes.

Deutsche Telekom Procurement and authorized parties are responsible for procuring goods and services in a professional manner and at optimal conditions for the benefit of Deutsche Telekom. Procurement acts in compliance with the applicable laws of the countries in which Deutsche Telekom operates. As bypassing Procurement can lead to disadvantages for Deutsche Telekom, Procurement has been given responsibility for all purchasing activities.

Deutsche Telekom maintains business relations with its suppliers that are based on trust and fairness. In turn, Deutsche Telekom expects its suppliers to treat it with the same respect and integrity it shows them. Suppliers are frequently also customers. Deutsche Telekom refrains from taking unfair advantage of such situations and strictly separates any related purchasing and sales activities. Any reciprocal arrangements must be approved accordingly by the responsible procurement department.

Deutsche Telekom and its employees commit themselves to fair competition in all business relationships. They ensure that no agreements are concluded with competitors, customers or suppliers which restrict competition on prices or by division of product or geographic markets. This applies, in particular, to tenders. Business decisions are made independently and without the exchange of sensitive information with competitors. Deutsche Telekom neither disseminates incorrect information on products or services of competitors, nor seeks to gain a competitive advantage in any other unfair or abusive manner.

Deutsche Telekom’s financial reporting is carried out in compliance with local and international financial reporting regulations and gives a true and fair view of its assets, liabilities and results of its operations and financial position.

As a responsible member of society, Deutsche Telekom assumes social responsibility in all countries it operates. Deutsche Telekom acts as a supporter and sponsor of education, science, culture, activities relating to social responsibility, sports and environment protection on a large scale, all on the basis of the specific local laws, its internal policies and regulations and within the limits of financial possibilities. This support is being shaped by partnerships, cash and noncash donations, and services. Deutsche Telekom makes no donations in order to obtain any commercial advantage. Donations to individuals or private accounts as well as individuals or organizations that could potentially damage either the Deutsche Telekom’s interests or reputation will not be granted.

Deutsche Telekom does not donate any money to political parties or elected officials, and does not grant them any noncash benefits beyond what is legally permissible.

Deutsche Telekom takes all necessary measures to prevent money-laundering activities within its sphere of influence.

Sponsoring is one of Deutsche Telekom’s corporate communications instruments. Sponsoring activities are focused on the platforms of sports (mainly soccer), music and activities relating to social responsibility. All sponsoring activities must conform to the respective legal system in each country and the internal sponsoring policy. All sponsoring activities are handled transparently, and involve appropriate and verifiable communications and marketing services on the part of the sponsoring partners/organizers.

Code of Conduct - Avoiding other conflicts of interest

Avoiding other conflicts of interest

Deutsche Telekom expects that personal interests not interfere or conflict with its interests.