Handling information

Espects the confidentiality of information and safeguards business documents against unauthorized access.

Cathya Gonzalez-Valencia, T-Systems Mexico S.A. de CV.

Cathya Gonzalez-Valencia, T-Systems Mexico S.A. de CV.

Data security

Data security is of paramount concern to Deutsche Telekom. It is a decisive factor of its success and public image. That is why Deutsche Telekom uses all the appropriate and reasonable technical and organizational means at its disposal to protect company data and the data of its customers, business partners, shareholders and employees against unauthorized access, unauthorized or improper use, loss and premature destruction. It does so within the respective legal framework and national laws as well as in compliance with its own internal policies and regulations.

Data privacy

Deutsche Telekom is aware that the personal data its customers, business partners, shareholders and employees entrust to it is highly sensitive, and protects that data by handling it in a careful and responsible manner. Therefore Deutsche Telekom takes a variety of technical and organizational measures to ensure the confidentiality of personal data in these efforts. Every individual is responsible within the scope of his/her duties for ensuring a high level of data privacy at Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom’s employees adhere strictly to the data privacy regulations and, in particular, respect and observe the comprehensive rights of those whose data they collect, process and use.

General duty of confidentiality

In addition to the technical and organizational measures of data privacy, each Deutsche Telekom employee is obliged to protect the company’s business interests. For this reason, any information leaving the company or any information related to Deutsche Telekom must be communicated to authorized recipients only, no matter if they are employees of Deutsche Telekom or third parties. Similarly, Deutsche Telekom respects the confidentiality of information and safeguards business documents against unauthorized access.

Inside information

To ensure market integrity and enhance public confidence in the financial markets, Deutsche Telekom’s employees adhere to the rules prohibiting the use of inside information, in particular the rules on confidentiality, the prohibition on making recommendations to or inducing others and the prohibition of insider dealings.

Dorota Buczynski, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Compliance with rules of behavior

Deutsche Telekom expects its employees to behave in line with the Code of Conduct.