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Just one click! Bring on malicious SMS

"Hello mom/hello dad... ." Most people have probably received a text message like this at some point. Anyone who uses an iPhone can now easily report spam and fraudulent text messages - and thus help to make the Internet safer for everyone.

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Report Spam – defusing dangers together. © Deutsche Telekom

The number of text messages that spread unwanted advertising or contain dangerous content is constantly increasing. Criminals are constantly trying new tricks and finesses to spread malware and steal money or personal access or bank details. The "hello mom" scam - also known as grandchild trick 2.0 - is particularly widespread at the moment, with fraudsters pretending to be relatives in need and then asking for money in a subsequent dialog. Similarly popular are messages in which banks allegedly ask you to log into your account urgently. 

The good news: Telekom customers can help to curb the spread of such messages and prevent damage. This is particularly easy for iPhone users: with software version iOS 17.2, Deutsche Telekom is introducing a "Report spam" button in collaboration with Apple. Customers who use iOS will find this button next to text messages from unknown senders.

One click and the malicious message ends up at Telekom Security's Fraud & Abuse Management, where the reports are processed automatically. It will be checked whether other customers are affected. The team also searches for the source and sets about preventing further abuse. 

The security experts have been doing this for a long time when customers forward malicious text messages to 7726. However, the new button makes the current reporting procedure much better and more convenient. For customers, it's just a click and gone. And the experts benefit from additional data, because in contrast to forwarding, details such as the reception time and telephone number of the SPAM sender remain visible.

In short: Anyone who reports dubious text messages via the new button is protecting themselves and making the network safer overall.

And Android users? Their help also remains important. The experts at Deutsche Telekom ask that suspicious text messages continue to be reported to the short code 7726. The security experts are in close contact with Google to find an alternative method.       

  1. Tap on the desired SMS and hold your finger on it for a longer period of time.
  2. A small menu with the selection "Copy", "Save" and "More" opens.
  3. Tap on "More".
  4. A dialog window opens. At the bottom there are two icons, trash can and arrow.
  5. Tap on the arrow
  6. Select a recipient from the contact list or enter 7726.
  1. Tap on the SMS you want to send and hold your finger on it for a long time. 
  2. A selection menu with different icons opens:
    • The "arrow" is used to forward an SMS.
    • The "two superimposed pages" copy the content to the clipboard.
    • You can also see the "share icon", which can be used to pass an SMS to different apps.
  3. Tap the arrow to forward the SMS.
  4. Select "New message" and type 7726 as the destination.
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