Devices and systems

Devices and systems

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Password protection


Use two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your accounts

A strong password is an important means of protecting your privacy on the Internet. Two-factor authentication takes data security a step further.


What you should know about password managers

Keep your login data safe and secure.  How to stay on top of all passwords with a password manager. 


Fingerprints and face recognition instead of passwords?

Is biometric data secure? How our skin protects our smartphone – and where it needs additional protection.

Secure hardware and software


How to correctly secure your Mac

Computer malware is mostly written for Windows. However, you should not take the security of your Mac lightly.


More privacy and security in Windows

Turn on Windows functions for more protection and a healthy measure of privacy when working at your PC.

Tablets optimal und sicher nutzen-en

Get the best out of your tablet – securely

The on-trend look and many entertainment functions of a tablet often keep us from remembering that they, too, are computers that are subject to attacks and therefore need protecting.


Tips for more Android security

Screen locks, system updates, and backups – a few basic rules will help you to protect your mobile phone.

Opening ports on the router

Keep your digital skin’s defenses strong and protect your router from external cyberattacks.

A padlock protects the Wi-Fi network

Strong Wi-Fi security with WPA3 encryption

A secure Wi-Fi network is crucial to protecting your personal information and devices against unauthorized access. Prevent dangerous attacks on your home network with WPA3, the secure encryption method.


Keep your eyes open

Pay attention to what data you are loading onto your devices, because computer viruses can sneak into programs or games when you download them.


Protection for VoIP calling

Voice over IP systems could also be described as computers with special purposes, and they need to be protected from attackers.

Illustration Smart Home

Smart Home? Rest assured!

A smart home can make life within your own four walls safer and better. How to make your smart devices immune to attacks.


Tune your Smartphone with caution

For security reasons, manufacturers seal off the core of their operating systems. Be careful when tweaking your smart phone.

Prevent data loss.

Computer data security begins with a good backup

A good backup forms the basis of a secure system. How to create a digital clone of your precious data.

Erste Hilfe bei Computernotfällen.

Why you need a rescue CD to save your data

If the computer no longer starts up in the usual manner, there may be many causes. An emergency CD gives you a chance to recover your precious data. 


Seven security tips for any browser

The browser is one of the most important programs you have on your computer. Improve online security in a few simple steps.

Illustration Cloud

Sync your data securely via the cloud

Cloud services are convenient because they allow you to store data on multiple devices in sync. With encryption and a trusted provider, your data remains safe in the cloud.

Child protection


More protection for children

Digital media exert a tremendous fascination on children and young people. Protect your offspring from dangers by setting up parental controls and teaching media literacy.

Digital legacy

How to Plan Your Digital Legacy

How to Plan Your Digital Legacy

How can you decide what will happen to your data well in advance, so that digital memories will not fall into the wrong hands?