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Lines intercepted

Disclosure unlawful

Disclosure unlawful

Data traffic records

Disclosure unlawful

Disclosure unlawful

Subscriber master data

Disclosure unlawful

Disclosure unlawful

IP-address owner data

Disclosure unlawful

Disclosure unlawful

An official nationwide report is not available.

How to interpret the figures?

  • All communication operator activities regarding Lawful Interception & Data Provisioning must be treated as confidential, therefore disclosing statistical data by T-Mobile Polska is unlawful.
  • UKE (Office of Electronic Telecommunications) does not publish any statistics after Telecommunications Act amendment in 2016
  • Agreements with Law Enforcement Agencies imposes confidentiality obligation on TMPL regarding details of cooperation
  • Unfortunately, the result of a request to obtain an official authorization to publish statistical data was negative.

Legal basis for Lawful Interception activities and Data Provisioning

  • The Act on Telecommunications law
  • The Code of Criminal Procedure
  • 8  Acts concerning authorized agencies (Police, special forces, Military etc.)
  • Ordinance of the Council of Ministers of 21 April 2022 
  • Art. 179 § 4a Telecommunications Law
  • Art. 180d Telecommunications Law.

Competent Authorities

  • Police - the Act of April 6, 1990 on the Police
  •  ABW and AW - the Act of May 24, 2002 on the Internal Security Agency and the Intelligence Agency 
  • Border Guard - the Act of October 12, 1990 on the Border Guard 
  • the Act of 16 November 2016 on the National Fiscal Administration 
  • The Act of 11 March 2022 on the defense of the Fatherland
  • Central Anticorruption Bureau.
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Transparency Report

DT publishes how the company is obliged to cooperate with government agencies. Please follow the link to the menu, which you can use to select the required subsidiary directly.