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Deutsche Telekom in Poland

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Deutsche Telekom is represented in Poland by its subsidiary T-Mobile Polska S.A. and a national company of its ICT arm T-Systems.

T-Mobile Polska ranks among the ten biggest foreign companies in Poland and is one of the country’s most important investors. 

Offerings for consumers

T-Mobile Polska offers a wide range of telecommunications services for consumers and business customers alike. Under the T-Mobile brand, the company offers mobile and fixed-network telephony and internet services as contract, prepaid, or mixed rate plans.

Offerings for business customers

T-Mobile Polska provides business customers with comprehensive solutions for communication, data transmission, and special applications, including fleet management and ICT/M2M services. 


Mobile business in 2018 remained on a par with the previous year’s level. Fixed-network business posted a decline in wholesale revenue. In 2018, the revenue trend, especially for device sales and fixed-network business, as well as a need for increased investment due to technological development and requirements, resulted in a lowering of revenue and earnings expectations.

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