Michaela Kühn


The Bonn headquarters opened its doors for the first Telekom InstaWalk

A DAX company from a different perspective: about 20 participants attended the first Telekom InstaWalk at the Group-headquarters in Bonn. Historic and current facts as well as nice anecdotes - Stephan Althoff provided the right mixture whilst exploring the building.


All participants were welcomed in the foyer of the headquarters. Some of them were familiar faces, because the Bonn community knows each other well.

Discovering the „snail shell stairs“

We went to the first station on the bridge between the headquarters and the so-called office port, then back to the building, past the Telekom Tesla. On the murals by A.R. Penck and the extensive entrance area, there were some photo spots to discover. Especially the spiral staircase - or "snail shell stairs" - impressed the instagrammers. A magenta magnet in the form of a box in the middle of the reception area created curiosity. Here everyone could test the app "The Lenz" and let the band "Gorillaz" appear on magenta-colored surfaces.

In magenta mood, we went on to the "lovemagenta"-floor. Here everything shines in magenta: clothes, coffee cups and room fragrances. Yes, you read correctly, magenta is also available as a room fragrance! Another highlight: the sound carpet - equipped with our telecom jingles.

Tim Höttges meets Instagrammer

Then we went on to the executive floor. The Instagrammers were able to take a look at the office of our CEO. Tim Höttges and Claudia Nemat gave  the group a warm and personal welcome. Just back from a USA trip, Tim Höttges reports of great photography opportunities in New York. He admitted that he is a big fan of the platform.

Matching the "Throwback Thursday", the next station took us back to past times. Behind a simple door, the in-house bowling alley was revealed. Then the next stop was the courtyard: green with many seating possibilities, food truck and basketball court.

After about 5,000 steps and many photos, we reached the last stop: the Content Factory. Here the participants had the chance to get a rest of course, publish photos using the hashtag #telekomdoors.

As the saying goes: after the InstaWalk is before the InstaWalk! So we are going straight back to work and plan the continuation.