15 years of Deutsche Telekom AG

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On January 1, 1995, Deutsche Telekom became a joint stock company. Over the next few years, the Group in Germany rolled out its own state-of-the-art network infrastructure as it became a global telecommunications player.

Today, Deutsche Telekom is one of the industry's leading service companies, represented in around 50 countries worldwide, with a presence in the key markets in Europe, Asia and America.

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Deutsche Telekom offers its customers products and services related to connected life and work, positions itself squarely as a service company, markets innovative products, and utilizes growth opportunities in Germany and elsewhere. More than half of its net revenue is generated outside Germany. The Company now employs some 260,000 people worldwide.

Integrated product portfolio The Group is positioned in today's growth areas and has aligned itself to key trends which it actively helps shape. Deutsche Telekom's integrated product portfolio reflects the digitization of many areas of life, the demand for greater mobility as well as the increasing convergence of technologies. Social networking Deutsche Telekom provides network access, communications services and value-added services with ever increasing bandwidth via its fixed and mobile networks. Under the "T" umbrella of the Group's company brand, the T-Home brand encapsulates "everything for the home," while T-Mobile is synonymous with "everything for people on the move." The T-Systems brand covers the Group’s worldwide offerings aimed at large enterprises

Restructuring The joint stock company's 15th year was devoted entirely to restructuring business in Germany, which Deutsche Telekom drove forward in fall 2006 with its integrated sales and customer service in Germany. The aim was to create a company in which mobile and fixed-network services are planned, built, managed and marketed from a single mold. Sustainability as the guiding principle Since its foundation, the Deutsche Telekom Group has been committed to the principles of sustainability and bases its business operations on economic as well as social and environmental criteria. Deutsche Telekom regularly ranks highly in international sustainability ratings, based on its environmental and social performance. Take for example, renewable energies which have been meeting the Group’s entire power requirements in Germany since January 2008. Even the Deutsche Telekom shareholders' meeting was held as a climate-neutral event for the first time in 2009, with the associated emissions of some 677 metric tons of CO2 offset by investments in a climate protection project in Brazil.