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Award for connected beehives by Deutsche Telekom

T-Systems has won the Paragon Award in the "Impact" category from consulting firm ISG for its submission "Smart Beehives".

ISG (Information Services Group) is a leading global market research and consulting firm in the information technology segment and assessed projects from all over Europe for this international prize. 

Digital beehive

At Deutsche Telekom's Bonn headquarters, busy bees send data about their activities to the beekeeper.

Deutsche Telekom submitted its smart beehive project: the company has operated two connected beehives on its Bonn headquarters campus since June 2018. The project is based on a collaboration with startup "". Together with hubraum, Deutsche Telekom's incubator, developed a technology built specifically on narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), Deutsche Telekom's machine and sensor network. A variety of sensors collects information on weight, humidity, and noise level within a beehive. The NB-IoT technology enables extremely energy-efficient data transmission, without an external power supply. All the data is stored in the Open Telekom Cloud by T-Systems, enabling beekeepers to monitor and assess the health and behavior of their bees remotely. On-site checks can be reduced, to minimize disturbances to these busy creatures. If a beekeeper discovers irregularities in the transmitted data, however, they can still take immediate, targeted action. 

99 percent of beekeepers in Germany keep bees as a sideline, but the solution is just as interesting for them as for large enterprises. To meet the high demand, is planning its market launch in early 2019, with the support of T-Systems.

Narrowband radio combats bee mortality

CeBIT: Narrowband radio combats bee mortality

NB-IoT transmits sensor data straight from the beehive to the beekeeper's cell phone.