Katja Kunicke

Katja Kunicke

Spokesperson and Telekom Blogger

Katja Kunicke, born in 1969, has been working at Deutsche Telekom for many years. She joined the company almost “by accident” and started her company career doing executive communication. She then worked in the international communications department. Today, she works on the topics of network infrastructure and Sponsoring. And because she is an optimist and refuses to stop looking at the bright sight of life, she engages in communication on corporate responsibility topics.  

Articles by Katja Kunicke

Your choice

You see a photo montage depicting two tablet PCs, whose screens display the websites of Teachtoday and SCROLLER.

Corporate Responsibility

Comenius Awards 2020: Two medals for SCROLLER and Teachtoday

In the anniversary year marking the 25th Comenius Media Awards, nearly 200 vendors, publishers, projects, and authors from 14 countries – from Iceland to Cyprus – entered their digital education products in the hope of winning this renowned prize.

Very many people stand in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


Cyberbullying: Suicide is never the solution

“You suck, loser!” “Kill yourself!” Jay, the protagonist of the current Deutsche Telekom campaign, faced insults like this on a daily basis. In the worst case, bullying can drive people to suicide.

Active against hate in the net: Workshops provide the necessary knowledge.(c)Amadeu Antonio Stiftung


The fight against online hate speech: A task for many

Online civil courage is something that concerns all of us. In cooperation with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, Deutsche Telekom is working for a democratic civil society that is free of right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.

Collage of Stefan Marienfeld's team, with Hedi Meinhardt, Benjamin Becker, and Christian Scholz.


Coronavirus hotline for Nebenan.de

We introduce the team that set up the hotline for Nebenan.de.

Collage with Martin Stiebitz in uniform in front of a DRK ambulance and Clemens Schulz in his fire department uniform.


Fighting the coronavirus pandemic – as volunteers

The commitment to meeting the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic among "T" employees goes far beyond working hours. Part 7 of our series "We are there for you."