Easy and simple: The Mobile World Congress

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The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is the world's largest trade fair in the mobile telecommunications industry. It attracts tens of thousands of mobile specialists, analysts and media people every year.

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Exhibitors vie with one another for the attention of this specialized audience. Anyone making their way though the exhibition halls will experience both what is now and is soon set to become technologically feasible in mobile telecommunication technology.

MWC is an industry-centered fair

Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia – all the great and the good of the industry gather once a year in the Catalan capital to rub shoulders with one another. Such celebrities as Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and Google top dog Eric Schmidt use the MWC as a platform upon which to present the highlights of their year. And all the hubbub attracts tens of thousands of visitors from about 200 countries annually. As an industry-centered fair, the MWC is aimed less at consumers, but rather at bosses and decision-makers as well as analysts and media people. Thus the audience is made up of very demanding target groups who really get down in-depth into the issues that affect them.

Showing what is in store for us in the future

The accent at the fair is therefore on demonstrating the technological opportunities for mobile communication and on showing what is in store for us in the future – on the topic of 5G, for example.  Every year has its own slogan. The one for 2017 goes "Mobile: The Next Element". A new space has also been created in Hall 8 in which the focus will be on such innovation-centered topics as artificial intelligence, drones, the Internet of Things, robotics as well as virtual and augmented reality.

Show the customer how tomorrow’s  telecommunication can be experienced even today

Anyone interested in finding out how Deutsche Telekom is involved in shaping the future in all these areas, or in how its heart is beating for 5G, should head for Stand 3M31 in Hall 3. "We're delighted to have the opportunity to show off our portfolio to the industry and to our partners, customers and interested parties", says Claudia Nemat, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Deutsche Telekom. "But the issue for us is more than just technology and innovation – we're determined to show the customer how tomorrow’s  telecommunication can be experienced even today, and how it's likely to feel in the future – particularly with the emergence of 5G."

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Special Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.