Bees on the Internet of Things

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Deutsche Telekom's corporate customer arm and the Silicon Valley-based IoT company Roambee are jointly offering a real-time solution to track shipments and monitor the condition of goods and industrial equipment. The service is available worldwide.

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Roambee's core technology makes it easier for companies to improve their risk management, increase efficiency and transform data into measurable values.

Roambee brings its cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application to the partnership for real-time reports and proactive analysis, as well as hardware, called Bees, in the form of portable radio-based sensor devices. T-Systems provides the solution to its customers over its own scalable cloud platform on highly secure data centers that comply with Germany's strict data privacy requirements.

Improved risk management

Intelligent monitoring of on-site equipment requires the highest level of security and reliability when generating reports and to comply with legal requirements. This is exactly what Roambee's core technology provides. It makes it easier for companies to improve their risk management and, at the same time, increase their efficiency and convert data into measurable values. Customers receive fixed "event" alerts and reports in real time, evaluations and usable data analysis in accordance with the highest data privacy standards.

Prognostic analyses

Roambee's solution is quick to implement and scalable. It includes compact, portable and radio-based sensor devices and a cloud-based software platform. The "bees" and the software capture large amounts of data from ERP systems (enterprise resource planning), sensor data and external data flows. They feed predictive, machine learning-based analysis to increase operational efficiency, strengthen customer retention, reduce risks and achieve a measurable return on investment (ROI).

Real-time alerts are possible

The solution is suitable for numerous sectors. When transporting sensitive pharmaceutical products, for example, Roambee furnishes continuous information on the location, temperature and condition of the goods. As an additional option, companies can set real-time alerts that trigger if certain data diverges from the standard value. Countermeasures, such as raising or lowering the temperature, can also be set to kick in automatically.

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