Brand Driven Progress - ten years of "Life is for sharing" under the "T" umbrella brand

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From the technology brand to the experience brand would be a good way to describe Deutsche Telekom’s journey in recent years. Our book marking this anniversary, Brand Driven Progress, outlines the entire success story behind it.

"One Company. One Brand". April marked ten years since the consistent unification of a former excessive array of brands, the legacy of an undynamic multi-pillar strategy with separate units and processes. Germany was the first to start, followed by all other national companies.

Plenty has happened since that point: in 2008, Deutsche Telekom only ranked fourth among the most valuable telecommunications brands in Europe. It now leads the rankings of international brand value studies for the most valuable by some distance  – with a five-fold increase in brand value.

Brand Driven Progress will serve as orientation and a basis for the brand's further development and for all those interested in the power of branding.
The book is available at or under ISBN-No. 978-3-9822018-1-8  (English edition) in bookshops.

The color Magenta

Deutsche Telekom brand

Life is for sharing. That is at once our slogan and our aim.