Martina Hammer


Business resilience and customer relationships

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Customer relationships have been transformed by the pandemic: In uncertain times, companies want to quickly understand how they can create new customer experiences with controlled effort. And increase the value of their product to the customer. This pays off: Customers remain loyal to the company, new ones join, and sales can even increase. This is how a company positions itself to be crisis-proof.  

The term to describe this crisis safety used repeatedly during the corona pandemic is business resilience. Once again, it has become clear how important it is that customer contact and work processes continue to function even in uncertain times. "Sustainable success is hardly conceivable without satisfied customers. Digitization is a key to this," Dennis Nikles, Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH, is convinced. 

We asked Dennis Nikles in a video interview what tips he gives companies on the subject of business resilience and where they can strengthen their customer relationships.


What does business resilience mean for companies? Every week you will find new articles on this topic in our special on business resilience through digitization.

Priorities are changing. Much of what was once a choice is now a duty.

Smart business

The global economic crisis is accelerating existing trends. Yesterday's decisions are today's commandments.