CeBIT 2017: Just get going with digitization

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Companies want to start the digital transformation, but don’t know exactly how to go about it. The solution: Put the customer at the forefront and simply begin with a first few subprojects.  


CeBIT 2017

Visitors to CeBIT 2017 will learn from Deutsche Telekom what ingredients companies need to drive the digital transformation ahead.

There isn’t THE one right recipe for making the perfect dinner. But every dish includes the basic ingredients. The same principle applies to digitization; companies need to create a basic structure, then garnish it with individual ingredients and assemble it to form the gala menu. Digitization projects are carried out on the basis of this fundamental infrastructure: in sales, production, customer services, logistics or in facility management.    

Visitors to CeBIT 2017 will learn from Deutsche Telekom what ingredients companies need to drive the digital transformation ahead. "Digitization. Simply. Make it happen.” is the motto in hall 4, stall C38. Telekom and its partners will use a variety of successful customer projects to show companies which basic ingredients they can offer for digitization and in which areas they can begin the digital transformation. 

Flexible cloud and fast networks 

Digitization cannot fundamentally work without a flexible IT infrastructure, transport technologies and protection for the systems. The Open Telekom Cloud and a broad range of products and services from a secure multicloud landscape form the basis for a number of digitization projects for Telekom customers. These include SAP from the cloud or the simple switch to SAP HANA. This technology enables companies to quickly obtain data analysis in realtime.

IP migration projects will illustrate how companies can tailor their digital processes for the future with integrated networks. Thanks to IP, telephony and the exploding volume of data traffic run smoothly in the Internet of Things – with higher quality and data throughput while using the same bandwidth. 5G, the next standard in mobile communications, is also a basic ingredient for digitization. Telekom has logged a milestone on the path to 5G by achieving end-to-end reaction times of less than one millisecond – a basis for real-time communication in the Internet of Things.

The IT security showstopper

New IT security concepts are a necessary basis for digitization, which is proven by numerous DDoS attacks within the last months. “The attacks were executed by thousands or even hundred thousand bad developed, unsafe configured and rarely maintained devices. That’s why they were so successful”, as Jan-Peter Kleinhans, business data processing specialist, states in the German magazine “ZEIT”. Deutsche Telekom demonstrates at the CeBIT trade fair, how companies can protect themselves against hackers and cyber criminals. An important goal: Prevent DDoS attacks that can cripple entire IT infrastructures and wreck customer confidence.

CeBIT 2017 - A new perspective

A new perspective

We focus thoroughly on hot topics of the ICT industry – from Big Data to Security.